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Quote1.png Eleven hundred humans dead. All of them murdered by me. My name is the Leper Queen. I kill mutants. And this... this is wrong. Quote2.png
Leper Queen

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Synopsis for "Suicide Leper (Part 1)"

A woman is speaking at a Friends of Humanity rally in Ames, Iowa, when there is a commotion in the audience. The mutant Beautiful Dreamer, calling desperately for help, stumbles through the crowd, her powers seemingly overwhelming her body with pink bioenergy. As she dies, the energy erupts. The crowd of 1,100 humans are all killed. The Leper Queen stands on a rooftop surveying the carnage. She had abducted Beautiful Dreamer and caused this massacre of humans - something she tells herself was wrong…

Agent Morales leads a briefing at the former-S.H.I.E.L.D. division in St. Louis. The team begins to connect the Purifier massacre for which they suspect X-23 is responsible with the reemergence of the anti-mutant humans Bastion recently resurrected. The briefing is interrupted with news of the Ames incident.

Meanwhile, Cyclops checks in on various tasks he has delegated to the X-Men. The Stepford Cuckoos are keeping tabs on Emma Frost and searching for Wolfsbane, who they believe is in her wolf form and difficult to pinpoint. Beast has created a device that will allow the wearer to travel forward in time for 32.5 hours. Hank warns Scott that he won’t take part if the plan is to send a team into the future to kill Bishop in an effort to protect Cable and the mutant baby, but Scott tells Hank to trust him. Angel then peeks into the doorway and asks to borrow Cyclops.

Warren flies Scott to Alcatraz, where X-Force waits. Warpath demands to know if the Cuckoos have located Eli Bard or Wolfsbane; Scott tells him they’re working on it. He then tells X-Force about the massacre in Iowa, explaining that Beautiful Dreamer’s memory-wiping powers surged and caused all of the attendees’ brains to forget to keep their hearts beating. Angel points out that the Legacy virus causes similar mutant power surges, and that Mr. Sinister may have had more vials of the virus in other labs that they didn’t know about. According to Cyclops, the Friends of Humanity are claiming their upcoming rallies have been targeted by mutant terrorists. He wants X-Force there.

Donald Pierce is being held in the brig of the X-Men’s headquarters, Greymalkin Industries. He taunts Dust over the death of Wolf Cub as he surreptitiously scans the building’s layout with his cybernetics. He uploads the schematics to Bastion’s servers in Washington, D.C. Bastion then sends the data to the Leper Queen’s Sapien League. Leper Queen, meanwhile, struggles internally with the human casualties necessary for Bastion’s plans. Due to their connection through Magus, Bastion senses her resistance and pushes her to proceed. She orders her underlings to inject a restrained, hooded mutant with the Legacy virus.

In the woods outside Angel’s Aerie, Hrimhari tells Wolfsbane that his life ended along with the rest of Asgard during Ragnarok, but that when he was reborn on Midgard, he knew it was so that he could find Rahne again. Then the two kiss.

X-Force has split up and donned civilian clothes to cover the three simultaneous Friends of Humanity rallies across the country. Angel and X-23 are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, being watched by an unseen party through a telescopic lens; Domino and Wolverine are in Boise, Idaho; and Warpath and Vanisher are in Providence, Rhode Island. Laura tells Warren she smells something burning, and the hooded mutant previously captured by the Sapien League runs through the crowd past them. The mutant - the former Acolyte, Fever Pitch - collapses to his knees, his flaming skeletal form flaring with intense heat. His power surge reaches its apex, and he explodes, a wall of flame radiating through the crowd, with Archangel and X-23 caught in the blast.


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