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Leper Queen

Appearing in "Suicide Leper (Part 2)"

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  • A car (First and only known appearance)

Synopsis for "Suicide Leper (Part 2)"

Hellion flirts with his waitress at San Francisco’s Sugar Cafe and takes a sip of the drink she served him. His speech begins to slur and he passes out as a van screeches to a halt at the curb. The waitress tells an unconscious Julian that he’s going to die tonight. Two members of the Sapien League hop out of the van and drag Julian inside. The waitress climbs into the passenger seat and tells the driver to let the Leper Queen know they have every mutant on the list.

Archangel briefs Cyclops and the rest of X-Force on what happened at the Friends of Humanity rally in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. An hour previously, the mutant Fever Pitch, who had been injected with the Legacy virus, lost control of his powers and exploded, killing hundreds of humans. Archangel says that as he flew himself and X-23 to safety, he saw the Leper Queen on a nearby rooftop. Wolverine gives the order to track and kill Leper Queen, but Cyclops says they are close to finding Cable and the messiah baby in the timestream, and when they do, going into the future to protect them will become X-Force’s primary mission. Wolverine understands that that will mean killing Bishop when the time comes. Cyclops gives the team the time travel devices invented by Beast, which will allow them to stay in the future for 33.2 hours before bringing them back automatically. He orders them to wear the devices at all times and to be ready to jump at a moment’s notice.

In the cell block of Greymalkin Industries, Donald Pierce taunts Dust that she and all her kind will be dead soon. He lets slip that she should be most worried about three of her friends. Dust goes to the Stepford Cuckoos and asks them to track all of the students using Cerebra. They find three unconscious mutants moving towards New York City, but Cyclops psychically tells them not to reveal their identities to Sooraya. He orders the Cuckoos to tell X-Force to head to New York.

Agent Morales (now) of H.A.M.M.E.R. is also tracking the Leper Queen and believes X-23 will be hot on her trail as well. She requisitions two H.A.M.M.E.R. squadrons to New York City to head them off.

Meanwhile, Wolfsbane and Hrimhari return to Angel’s Aerie. Rahne is traumatized by the things she did while brainwashed by the Purifiers and says nothing can be the same. Hrimhari agrees and changes to a human form for the first time. Rahne does the same and they embrace.

Vanisher teleports X-Force to New York City. Over comms, Cyclops tells Wolverine to get the students quickly, because Cable and the baby will take priority as soon as they locate them. This doesn’t sit well with Wolverine; he tells Cyclops they aren’t going anywhere until all three kids are safe.

Nearby, Hellion, Surge, and Boom-Boom are restrained and unconscious amid a circle of Sapien League. The Leper Queen injects Hellion and Surge with the Legacy virus and orders her men to take them to the United Nations building.

X-Force storms the Sapien League hideout, killing every guard in their way. X-23’s senses tell her Hellion and Surge are gone, but that Boom-Boom is still on-site. Warpath kicks down a door; on the other side, the Leper Queen holds a syringe to Tabitha’s neck. She says she’s glad Pierce gave them the message. As the team squares off with Leper Queen, Cyclops tells them they’ve found Cable and that they have to go immediately. Wolverine shouts Scott down and Vanisher teleports behind Leper Queen, knocking the syringe out of her hand. Wolverine pounces and Leper Queen yells at him to kill her. She tells Wolverine the other two kids are at the U.N., but before X-Force can go in for the kill, Cyclops pushes the button to activate their time-travel devices. The team disappears in a flash of purple light.

Distraught, the Leper Queen tells Boom-Boom that they were supposed to kill her to save Tabitha. She levels her pistol at Tabitha’s head and shoots her.


  • First appearance of Hrimhari in human form.

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