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Quote1.png It's about as far from 'okay' as you can get, boss man. I told you to wait!! You signed their death warrants without batting an eye! If either one of those kids dies, it's on you. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Not Forgotten (Part 2)"

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  • H.A.M.M.E.R.'s Vehicle (First and only known appearance)

Synopsis for "Not Forgotten (Part 2)"

As H.A.M.M.E.R. agents haul X-23 on a jet, Agent Jebediah Young orders two agents to get a gene sample from Boom Boom, then kill her. However, when one agents attempts to rape her, he is struck in the back of the neck by a blade. Next thing his partner knows, Warpath is on top of him, throwing him through a huge crate. As he tends to his friend, he sees a green flash of light.

As Domino quickly rushes to the UN, she sees unconscious Surge, Elixir and Hellion, with Wolverine and Archangel standing before them. Wolverine explains to her that Elixir passed out curing Surge and Hellion funneled her attack into the sky. However, he is concerned on X-23.

As the H.A.M.M.E.R. flies, Agent Alisande Morales is confused that the so-called X-23 is just a kid; Agent Young corrects her, the girl is a weapon. Once the jet lands, X-23 is brought before Kimura.

In Colorado Rocky Mountains, Wolfsbane and Hrimhari are running from the Frost Giants. The latter opts to fights them, slashing one's eye. However, Wolfsbane refuses to leave him and they decide to fight together.

In Salem Center, New York, Caliban locates the grave of Douglas Ramsey for Eli Bard, accompanied by Wither. Bard then uses the Technarchy on his left arm to dig into the ground.

At Graymalkin Industries, Beast monitors both Surge and Elixir. As Cyclops breathes a sigh of relief, Wolverine thrushes him through the observation window, pinning him to the ground, snapping at him for nearly signing those kids' death warrants, to which he acknowledges. He then tells the two that Hope and Cable are alive. Beast then asks if the former is okay or exhibiting powers; Wolverine answers that she's nine years old and didn't show any. Elixir stated that he knew what she was but he's currently unconscious. Wolverine then goes to find X-23.

As the UN announces the formation of Mutant Response Division, Warpath asks Boom Boom as to what she heard from the H.A.M.M.E.R. agents; she responds that she heard something about "Division C", to which Domino says doesn't exist. Wolverine tells X-Force to get on Cerebra to find X-23.

At the Facility, Kimura is "punishing" X-23 for being bad, having hacked her right arm with a chainsaw and goes for more.

Solicit Synopsis

The fallout from MESSIAH WAR continues! X-23 is missing, and as horrific as her life has's about to get worse. Elixir knows the truth about the mutant messiah. Wolverine confronts Cyclops about his decisions leading up to the War. Wolfsbane's journey back to X-Force begins. Bastion's master plan gets one step closer to fruition. And if all that weren't enough...Selene’s forces are on the move. More action and drama than any one comic has a right to have! Part 2 (of 4)

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