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Quote1.png I want her stopped. ... Let me make this as clear as I can, Logan. You need to kill her. Her and everyone that attacked us...even Kevin. That's the only way this will end. Quote2.png
Emma Frost

Appearing in "Necrosha: Chapter 4"

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Synopsis for "Necrosha: Chapter 4"

Wolfsbane is close to dying with the non-human baby growing inside her. Meanwhile, abstract of everyone else, Hrimhari has summoned Hela to save her. However, the Death Goddess states that only one soul must be saved. Unable to choose between Wolfsbane or his child, Hrimhari instead chooses Elixir. With no choice but to follow her own rules, Hela awakens Elixir from his coma. As Hrimhari fades into Hel, he tells Elixir to save Rahne and promises to find a way to return to her. Acting quickly, Elixir manages to heal Rahne and awaken her. He informs her of her pregnancy and Hrimhari's sacrifice. He also explains that he had to modify her body so she could survive the birth of her child.

Meanwhile, the X-Men are faced against Selene's Inner Circle. In an intense fight, Diamond Lil, Onyxx and Meld are killed. Warpath goes for Bard's blade to stop the attack.

On Necrosha, Selene is informed by Caliban that more mutants who have not lost their powers are awakening. Thunderbird swears that his brother will fight her and Bard, only for Ellie Phimister to tell him that Warpath will not fight Bard. Selene tells them to stop, for it is almost time.

Back in Utopia. Warpath finds the blade, intending on using it to kill Bard, only to be captured himself by the Inner Circle.

As the X-Men recover, Cyclops is informed by the Stepford Cuckoos that Warpath has been captured. He tells Wolverine to take X-Force and stop Selene. Emma cuts in that they would have to kill her and her followers to end all this.

As Wolfsbane and X-23 suit up, Vanisher attempts to ask Elixir for the removal of the tumor in his head, promising to help if he does remove it. However, Wolverine states that it must stay, for they are going to Genosha.

Solicit Synopsis

X-FORCE has a new mission: KILL SELENE. As Utopia burns, Wolverine and the team heads to take down the Black Queen and rescue one of their own, but they have no idea what they're in for when they arrive on the shores of Necrosha. The biggest X-Force story yet continues as Selene's Inner Circle begins to tear itself apart, and the truth about Wolfsbane is finally revealed. PART FOUR (of SIX)

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