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Quote1.png Do you know who Selene is, James? Do you know what she is? She is the darkness that was tricked away by the Coyote when the world was young. She existed before mankind, when the spirit realm was all. You call her mutant, but she is more... She is more than evolution, more than power and strength. She is hunger. She hungers for everything. And she won't stop. ... She is the Darkness, James. And you must stop her. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Necrosha: Chapter Five"

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Synopsis for "Necrosha: Chapter Five"

Selene's inner circle has arrived back on Necrosha with Warpath. Eli Bard then presents that blade necessary to complete the sacrifice ritual to Selene. However, Wither adds that it was he who lost it in the first place. They both began to squabble, before Selene tells Wither to be quiet. Bard gives a big apology and asks for forgiveness. Selene admits that he may be her one true love, but he is also her greatest disappointment and stabs him in the chest with the blade, causing him to wither and crumble into dust, leaving nothing but his infected arm behind. Selene then orders Thunderbird to take his brother away, having plans for him later. Warpath shouts at his brother to fight Selene, only to be slapped.

Four miles away, X-Force teleports in. However, Wolfsbane isn't too happy and demands that Vanisher bring her back to Utopia; unknowingly, she lifts him off his feet by the shirt, much to her surprise. Elixir theorizes that since he matched her DNA to the baby's, meaning that her child will be very strong and her skin and muscle density are thick enough to be bulletproof. Next thing X-Force sees is legions of resurrected mutants.

As Selene instructs her followers on how to perform the ritual, Caliban and Negasonic Teenage Warhead respectively inform her that X-Force has arrived and Destiny had escaped.

Back near Hammer Bay, Vanisher pleads for the tumor to be taken out of him; Wolfsbane's enhanced senses detect Warpath in the city; Elixir admits to Vanisher that he's not dying. X-Force then goes into battle against the undead, while Vanisher decides to leave.

While Selene's inner circle performs a blood sacrifice, Thunderbird is down in the bowls of the city, torturing his brother, all the while, telling him that once Selene becomes a goddess, she will not stop until she has consumed all life on Earth. Just then, Vanisher appears and quickly rescues Warpath.

At that moment, Selene's dark ritual has began. A blue wave of light comes from her citadel, consuming all of the undead mutants. X-Force is able to survive thanks to Vanisher teleporting them out at the last minute. Warpath then tells everyone that he's going to teach them how to kill Selene.

Solicit Synopsis

NECROSHA PART FIVE (of SIX) Death comes to X-Force! The final battle begins as X-Force storms Necrosha to find and kill the Black Queen...but there are 16 million of her slaves between them and her. As the team's least likely member goes on a suicide mission to save Warpath, Selene achieves her heart's desire…and someone doesn't walk away from this fight.

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