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Quote1.png I still need you, Logan. I still need an X-Force. It's all coming to a head, can you feel it? It's always darkest before the dawn, right? The dawn hasn't come home yet. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Necrosha: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Necrosha: Conclusion"

All around the world, Doctors Strange, Doom and Voodoo sense Selene's ascension to godhood and are rendered incapable of stopping her. Already, she is a towering giant, and is hungry for more souls. At that moment, Blink recalls all the undead mutants attacking Utopia.

Elsewhere on Necrosha, Warpath teaches X-Force the Ghost Dance, a ritual designed to kill evil spirits like Selene and protect themselves from her touch. Once fully painted like scary mimes, X-Force then moves to finish their mission. They attack Selene's inner circle and split up to take their individual targets. Wolverine and X-23 manages to decapitate Senyaka; Vanisher and Archangel wound Blink; Wolfsbane tangles with Mortis. When the former senses that her opponent smells like Dazzler, Mortis rants on that her sister is "daddy's little girl". slashing her across the chest, Wolfsbane tells Mortis that Dazzler would've helped her and expresses that she knows what it's like to be a monster. But just behind her, Wither attempts to kill her, only for Elixir to intervene. Gladly desiring to rid himself of his rival, Wither goes hand-to-hand with Elixir, declaring that he will kill all the X-Men. He further blames Elixir for allowing Wallflower to die and begins to spread the disintegration effect on his foe. Elixir turns to his blue complexion and instead overwhelms Wither, admitting that he loved Wallflower too. Instantly, Wither disintegrates into light.

Elsewhere, Warpath duels against Thunderbird, and managed to grant his brother a mercy kill by snapping his neck. Selene senses this and attempts to reap X-Force's souls but is unsuccessful. As she attacked them, Selene declares that she is beyond human and mutant. However, X-Force is able to jump onto her; Wolverine retorts that he made a mistake in saving her life, before Warpath plunges his dagger right into her chest, causing Selene to explode in a bright flash of light. As X-Force recovers, they see rays of light. Among them is Thunderbird, who encourages his brother to let go. X-Force then decides to go home.

At Angel's Aerie 48 hours later, Cyclops tells Wolverine that several of the resurrected mutants escaped before Blink took the others. Wolverine then informs him about the state of X-Force: Domino and X-Force are in Brazil for R&R; Warpath has already made his peace; Elixir is unable to maintain his gold complexion; Wolfsbane shouldn't have been on the team to begin with; and X-23 is out because he says so. However, Cyclops feels that X-Force will be needed for what's yet to come.

Solicit Synopsis

NECROSHA ENDS HERE! Everything Destiny foretold has come true. The Black Queen has become the Dark Goddess, but X-Force's mission stands...KILL HER. But how do you fight a god with claws, knives and guns? And how many members will X-Force lose before the fight is over? PART SIX (of SIX)

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