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Quote1.png Rahne Sinclair has two things we'll never get back... hope and innocence. She's who we save -- she's why we risk our lives. She's who we die for! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Angels and Demons (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Angels and Demons (Part 4)"

At Angel’s Aerie in Colorado, Elixir is healing Wolfsbane, repairing the gunshot wound in her leg and cleansing her system of the heroin given to her by the Purifiers. Outside, Wolverine and X-23 argue over Laura’s inability to feel empathy for Rahne, as Laura is more focused on how inconsistent it is with the Purifiers’ history that they did not kill her. Logan tells Laura that Rahne is the kind of person they try to save, and her life is worth more than either of theirs. Warpath intervenes and pulls Logan aside, leaving Laura to her thoughts.

Inside, Rahne wakes with Angel and Elixir by her bedside. As soon as she sees Angel, she morphs into her canine form, slashes Elixir, and viciously attacks Warren.

Laura, alone in the snow, is harming herself, struggling to understand Wolverine’s message about empathy. She catches the scent of Elixir’s and Angel’s blood and runs back to the Aerie. Laura’s senses tell her that Warren is the focus of the attack, and what she sees when she arrives confirms this. Wolfsbane holds Warren’s amputated wings in her mouth as she turns to Laura. Laura, remembering Wolverine’s words that Rahne’s life is more important than hers, decides not to fight and lets Wolfsbane tear at her throat and abdomen.

Rahne then notifies the Purifiers that she has “the demon’s wings”. Matthew Risman tells his compatriot Eli Bard to take Rahne to The Facility, birthplace of X-23, so that Dr. Adam Harkins can begin his responsibilities for “the Choir”. He then learns from Bastion that the reborn William Stryker will be leading the Purifiers moving forward.

At a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in St. Louis, Agent Morales is briefed on the Purifiers’ actions to obtain Donald Pierce and the Leper Queen.

Seven minutes after being attacked by Wolfsbane, Laura wakes to Wolverine and Warpath reviving Elixir. Elixir heals himself, then quickly gets to work on Angel. Josh heals everything but Warren’s wings, which he realizes are composed of non-organic cells that resist his healing powers.

At The Facility, Dr. Harkins examines Warren’s blood-soaked wings and states that he has found the “Apocalypse strand” in the cells. He demonstrates to Risman and other Purifiers that from one drop of blood, the strand promotes the growth of metallic feathers akin to Warren’s in his Archangel form. A member of the Purifiers named Gabriel has volunteered as a test subject and receives injections of blood to his spine. Some time later, metallic wings grow painlessly from his back. Harkin orders that infusions begin on dozens of other volunteers who make up the Choir.

In Colorado, a bandaged Warren wakes up screaming in pain. Logan and James try to hold him down, but he is too strong for them. The bandages begin to tear from Warren’s back as he continues to scream. Much to the team’s shock and horror, Warren has transformed. Metal wings. Blue skin. Archangel stands before them.

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