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Quote1.png Seeing all of the enemies I thought we'd beaten and buried back in the flesh is something I won't forget anytime soon. Just like seeing Warren lying on top of a bloody pile of murder he committed. These are things I just never contemplated. But it's the image of Rahne, soaked in the blood of her father, praying for forgiveness, that I can't shake. She won't talk about what happened...hell, she won't talk at all. But we didn't find a body...just a lot of blood an the old bastard's clothes. God help her once the shock wears off...and she remembers what she did. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Angels and Demons (Part 6)"

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Synopsis for "Angels and Demons (Part 6)"

Wolverine briefs Cyclops on the events of 14 hours ago at the Purifiers’ base in Chicago.

Matthew Risman, Eli Bard, and Risman’s Choir of metal-winged “angels” confront Bastion, having dispatched his army of Purifiers. Risman tells Bastion his Magus-enhanced Human Council are abominations and will be destroyed alongside him. Suddenly, there is a crash of glass overhead signalling the arrival of an enraged Archangel. Warren screams in agony for the return of his wings and begins slashing his way through the Choir.

Bastion and Risman then stand off, but before either can strike, X-Force arrives and immediately goes on the attack. Wolverine buries his claws into Bastion’s head as Warpath and X-23 join the fight against the Choir.

Hundreds of miles away, Reverend Craig Sinclair searches the dark hallways of The Facility for his daughter, Wolfsbane. She gets the jump on him in the lab where Angel’s severed wings hang, but does not kill him. She tells him a part of her still loved him, but that she won’t ever forgive him for what he made her do. The Reverend, remorseless, tells Rahne she is “Satan’s daughter” and levels his gun at her. As Sinclair stands, he is flanked by Angel’s wings; this image triggers the brainwashing that caused Wolfsbane to savagely attack Angel and she pounces on her father, all fangs and claws.

As X-Force battles the Choir, Risman runs into the room where Magus is being kept. To his surprise, he sees his ally Eli Bard with his hand out, merging with the techno-organic creature. Eli tells Risman that there is no God, only death. Risman shoots at Eli, but Eli seems to turn intangible, then grabs Risman by the throat. He tells Risman the souls of the Purifiers were going to be “sustenance” for his “beloved”. Eli then transforms, his eyes turning black and his jaw and teeth elongating. Before he can kill Risman, X-23 enters the room and does the job instead, shooting Risman in the head.

Furious, Eli rushes at Laura and tells her he’ll consume her lifeforce again and again. However, Warpath buries a knife in Eli’s back and forces him to retreat, vanishing from the room. Meanwhile, Wolverine has his hands full with Bastion. Bastion levels Logan with an energy blast and tells him he had planned on the X-Men killing Risman, but that it was not supposed to happen yet. An aircraft descends to pick up Bastion and Wolverine sees that the jet’s passengers consist of some of the X-Men’s most vicious human enemies - William Stryker, Donald Pierce, Cameron Hodge, and the rest of the Human Council - several of whom he believed were dead. Stunned, Wolverine is unprepared for Bastion to strike again, one energy blast after another, each more powerful than the last, until his skin begins to melt off. Wolverine’s rage powers him and he tries to reach the jet, but Bastion and the Council are able to escape.

Warpath helps Wolverine to his feet and points him to where Archangel is. To the team’s disbelief, Warren has somehow transformed back to his human form, with his feathered wings regenerated, and lies unconscious atop the bodies of the Choir angels he killed. Sometime later, the team finds Wolfsbane at The Facility. She is in a trance reciting a prayer, covered in her father’s blood, having seemingly devoured the man while in her lupine form.

In the present, Wolverine tells Cyclops that according to Elixir, Warren’s DNA has changed, likely permanently. Scott says they’ll do what they can for Rahne and Warren, then walks Logan over to a screen bearing the images of Bastion and the Human Council and asks “who’s next”.


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