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Quote1.png You've got an inoperable brain tumor. You're gonna die unless you help us. The only choice you have to how bad we hurt you before you do. Now where is the $@%&ing virus?! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Old Ghosts (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Old Ghosts (Part 2)"

James Proudstar is driving through the Southwest on his way to his brother’s gravesite when something slices off the entire front end of his truck. The vehicle careens down the highway and explodes. The asphalt bears a deep slash mark. Sometime later, Warpath regains consciousness and finds his daggers stuck in the dirt nearby. He mutters that he is coming for someone or something called “Gotal”.

Scalphunter informed Cyclops that a vial of the Legacy virus was stolen by Vanisher from one of Mr. Sinister’s labs in Japan, which has brought X-Force to Tokyo. Wolverine and X-23 are posted in an abandoned building keeping their eyes on the street. Laura tells Logan they can’t trust Angel to control his violent, unpredictable Archangel persona, but Wolverine says they need him with Warpath and Wolfsbane out of commission. Vanisher exits a building across the street as Warren approaches him on the sidewalk. Warren demands to know where the virus is, but Vanisher backhands him and walks away. This provocation is all Warren needs to let Archangel take over.

Wolverine and X-23 leap down to the sidewalk to try and keep Archangel from killing Vanisher. However, before Wolverine can get to Vanisher, he is shot in the head by a sniper. X-23 spots the gunman and Archangel takes off after them while Laura climbs the side of the building. Archangel finds himself consumed with the mission Apocalypse imbued him with - kill in order to find out who is “fit to survive”. He locates the sniper and is stunned to find Domino.

Meanwhile, at Angel’s Aerie, Wolfsbane struggles with the memory of killing her father. She calls out to Moira MacTaggart and Dani Moonstar for help and howls in anguish.

Across the world, Domino tells Wolverine he got in her way and shooting him was an accident. She has also given X-Force the locations of the four safe houses Vanisher uses in Japan, and the team has split up to cover each one. As Vanisher teleports to one safe house after another, he’s met with pain: Wolverine catches him with a set of claws to the chest; then Archangel attacks with flechettes from his wings; at number three, X-23 slashes him across the chest; and then finally, at safe house number 4, Elixir lays hands on his head and heals his wounds, but tells Vanisher he’s killed him. Domino tells Vanisher he may want to get a second opinion.

Later, at a hospital, Vanisher is examined by a team of doctors. Enraged, he finds X-Force and reveals a cat scan that shows an “X”-shaped tumor on his brain. Wolverine tells him they’ll cure the tumor if he helps them find the Legacy virus he stole, but Vanisher tells them he doesn’t have it anymore.

As the sun rises, Warpath arrives at Camp Verde, Arizona, to confront his attacker: Demon Bear.

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