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Quote1.png I have my sword. But it came with a price. Only time will tell if it was worth the cost. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 04"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Hand (Main story and flashback)
    • Beast
    • Numerous unnamed others (Main story and flashback)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 04"

After travelling Japan in search of Muramasa, whom he needs to forge him a blade, Wolverine has found his remains inside a temple holding a gateway to Hell. Wolverine is attacked by Hand ninjas, who push him through the portal. Inside, he finds Muramasa, who explains that he was taken hostage by the Hand and forced to forge their weapons in order to save his ancestral village from destruction. He explains that while the Hand once worshipped the Beast from afar, the two have now become one, and the Hand serve him in Hell. Wolverine's flesh is melted by his fall into Hell, reducing him to his adamantium skeleton, which is taken to a jail cell.

Inside the jail, Wolverine encounters Solem, a mutant of Arakko, who like Wolverine has come in search of the Muramasa Blade so that he may participate in the coming tournament against Krakoa. While waiting for Wolverine to regenerate, he tells him how he came to Hell; he sought out the Oracle of Arakko, who told him that Muramasa was in Hell, and that the Hell-forged dagger Solem carried would open a portal there, where he would find a mutant made of metal that would lead him to Muramasa. Having deduced that this is Wolverine, he tells him to take him to Muramasa and opens their cell doors with a key. Wolverine agrees to the pact after realizing he cannot kill Solem, who has adamantium skin.

Wolverine follows Muramasa's scent, and the pair come across a wedding ceremony taking place between the Beast's chief lieutenants. For the wedding, Muramasa has crafted two blades, meaning Solem and Wolverine may claim one each. They disguise themselves as ninjas and interrupt the ceremony, with Solem killing the groom. The bride cuts Solem with her Muramasa blade, before Wolverine kills her, only to be captured by the Beast. With both Muramasa blades in his hands and Wolverine fighting the Beast, he offers Wolverine one of the blades for a price. Wolverine accepts the bargain, and returns to Krakoa with his blade in hand, musing that only time will tell if it was worth the cost.

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Stealth. The power within. The burden of knowledge.

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