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Quote1.png The contests continue with the speed of a deadly shuffle of cards. Quote2.png
Opal Luna Saturnyne

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 17"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 17"

With the score 5-2, a rematch between Magik and Pogg Ur-Pogg is the first of a gauntlet of challenges. The challenge is a wrestling match, and Magik allows Pogg to devour her, having deduced that his massive bestial form is in fact his weapon, and that inside his armor he is small and weak. She forces him to puke her and his true form up, and easily beats him, setting the score at 5-3. The gauntlet is as follows:

  • A torture endurance challenge won by Arakko, the score now 6-3.
  • A boulder-pushing challenge won by Arakko, the score now 7-3.
  • An underwater swimming contest in monster-infested waters, won by Arakko, the score now 8-3.
  • An eating contest, won by Krakoa, the score now 8-4.
  • A dancing contest, won by Arakko, the score now 9-4.
  • A labyrinth escape contest, won by Arakko, the score now 10-4.
  • A puzzle-laying challenge, won by Krakoa, the score now 10-5.
  • A fashion-show challenge, won by Arakko, the score now 11-5.
  • A treasure-hunt, won by Arakko, the score now 12-5.

While preparing for his next contest in the Crooked Market, Captain Avalon is approached by Saturnyne, who encourages him to embrace the title of Captain Britain. He refuses, and she arranges for the Furies to interfere in his next event. Brian prepares to race Redroot, and initially has the upper hand, until the Furies intervene, allowing Redroot to win handily. During the race, she accidentally knocks over a priceless artifact, and is imprisoned by Mad Jim Jaspers. Saturnyne warns Brian that the damage he has caused to the market is priceless, and he will meet the same fate as Redroot unless he asks for her help.

The events continue. Magik loses Krakoa a combined spelling-bee/riddle contest when she misspells the word "magic", and in a contest to look upon the faces of all those they have killed without turning away, Wolverine loses to White Sword, leaving the score 15-5 in favor of Arakko. Gorgon loses Krakoa a contest to resist the rock sirens of Clevermore, while Captain Avalon loses to War in a contest to kill a kitten, leaving the score 17-5 in favor of Arakko.

In Sevalith, Storm and Death prepare to duel. The poison Death paid Mad Jim Jaspers to slip her has left Storm without her powers, but she still manages to shatter Death's sword, prompting Death to use his powers against her. Using her sword she reflects his power against himself, and runs him through, prompting the hungry vampire crowd of Sevalith to descend on him, leaving the score 17-6 in favor of Arakko.

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Chivalry gives way to fury. A knight must kneel.

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