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Synopsis for "The Secret Garden"

As the guests arrive to the Hellfire Gala, Quentin Quire uses his powers to skim their minds for gossip. Sage warns him to cut it out, as he risks endangering the purpose of the gala; winning the human nations over to Krakoa's side. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Iron Man, who has foregone the flower-lapel that guests wear as identification, and shows up with psi-dampeners to prevent telepathic intrusion. Quire and Iron Man argue, as Quentin refuses to let him in without a psi-scan, until Sage tells him it's not worth it and to let Iron Man enter.

Meanwhile, Wolverine is helping Christian Frost receive a gift from the Shi'ar envoys; a crate of logic diamonds that are to be delivered by boat to the cradles on Krakoa.

Domino approaches a group of diplomats who seem to be staring into empty space. Beast tells her not to worry, as they're from Terra Verde. When Domino presses him on the issue, he orders her to stand down, telling her he knows what he's doing. Using their control over the telefloronics that took control of the population of Terra Verde, Beast plans on using the ambassadors to bug other visitors. He claims that since their goal is ultimately altruistic, what they're doing is fine, though Sage warns him that others might not see it that way.

Wolverine goes to investigate a disturbance off the south shore, only to find Deadpool trying to crash the gala. The two fight. Deadpool gains the upper hand and starts to flee, only to be intercepted by Domino who incapacitates him. Meanwhile, Sage is surprised by Emma Frost. She brings Sage a glass of champagne and proposes a toast, revealing that she knows of X-Force's secret annexation of Terra Verde. She tells Sage she knows it's not her fault but that she should know better, as they are jeopardizing their entire nation. She orders Sage to arrange for the ambassadors to be escorted off the island immediately and to decommission their spyware network. Sage attempts to do as Emma asks, but finds that the telefloronics have been hacked and she has lost control of the ambassadors. One of the ambassadors, feeling ill, goes to the bathroom, only to transform into a monster.

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It's party time, but somebody’s got to work it. And when invited guests (and a few crashers) prove to be planted antagonistic agents, X-FORCE will need to get their hands dirty and keep this all under wraps…before anyone catches wind!

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