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Appearing in "Necessary Force"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • MERC (Name first revealed)
    • Bill (Name first revealed)
    • Crosby (Name first revealed) (Death)
    • Pax (Name first revealed) (Death)
    • Vasquez (Name first revealed) (Death)
    • Percy (First full appearance) (Name first revealed) (Death)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Necessary Force"

Wolverine lies near death on the floor of Greenspace. He has been cut in half by the explosion that destroyed the Greenspace end of the Krakoan gate he and Kid Omega were traveling through moments before. Quentin suffered an even worse fate - his head is the only piece of him that made it through, and it lies feet away from Wolverine. While the mercenaries leave Wolverine for dead, he weakly tells Domino - who is back on Krakoa with Wolverine’s legs and Quentin’s body - to hurry.

With the direct gate to Greenspace destroyed, Sage tells Domino to use Gateway for transport. Domino’s instinct tells her they’ll need to ask Black Tom Cassidy for help finding the teleporter. Black Tom uses his interface with Krakoa to track down Gateway, who is on a cliffside meditating. Tom, forming a face from the earth and rocks of Krakoa, shouts at Gateway that X-Force needs him, then shakes the stubborn mutant off his perch.

Meanwhile, Domino picks up Wolverine’s lower half and keeps talking to comfort Logan. She shares that she feels like her powers have been diminished since her abduction. Suddenly Forge appears behind her, equipped with a mech suit made of Krakoan bio-organics. He tells Domino he’s coming with her.

Back at Greenspace, a legless Wolverine continues to fight as the mercenaries start packing up all the Krakoan tech they can find. Logan is able to kill one soldier but another unloads a full clip into him. While the shooter stands over Wolverine wondering if he’s dead this time, a portal opens across the room and Gateway, Domino, and Forge come through.

Domino pursues the nearest mercenaries while Forge brings Wolverine’s severed legs to his mutilated upper half. He urges his friend to heal quickly. Beast quarterbacks the assault from The Pointe. He orders Domino to leave the mercs alive for interrogation, but Domino is consumed with rage and kills several without mercy. Gateway takes out the helicopter hovering above the building while Domino faces down the last mercenary. He drops his gun and falls to his knees. Beast orders Domino again to “kill no man”, but she reminds him that the mercs who attacked Krakoa were built in a lab and aren’t technically human. The soldier begs Domino to spare his life, and insists he’s real and had nothing to do with what happened to her.

Later, Domino and a healed-up Wolverine share a drink on the Krakoan cliffs while Beast and Marvel Girl interrogate the captive mercenary. Beast is skeptical of the soldier’s claim that his team was just for-hire rather than anti-mutant. Jean confirms he is telling the truth, but presses him on who his team was going to sell the stolen Krakoan tech to. The man screams that he never gave them a name. Jean projects a psionic image from the soldier’s memory of a masked man with a peacock tattoo.

At some point after the interrogation, Beast looks into hiring the mercenaries - known as MERC - for unknown reasons.

Solicit Synopsis


First, Domino and Forge have to pick up the pieces as the team faces a major setback! Then, Beast takes matters into his own hands when a piece of new technology threatens the safety of the nation.

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