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Quote1.png Ever since I escaped that flesh factory in Korea... something's been off. See these dice? Any other time in my life, I could roll a seven or a boxcar with every toss. But these days... it's nothing but snake eyes. I've lost my luck. I knew it had to have gone somewhere. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Domino Has Fallen"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • XENO (Main story and recap)
    • "Domino" (First appearance as Domino)
    • The Man with the Peacock Tattoo (Only in recap)

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Domino Has Fallen"

Domino has been feeling her powers fading ever since her abduction and mutilation at the hands of XENO. She thinks XENO was able to steal her mutant abilities and gave them to their operatives. She’s asked Sage to look for reports of crimes that seem like they should have been impossible, but for a lot of luck. Sage tells Domino about the assassinations of three prominent supporters of mutant rights, each of which required a series of increasingly unlikely circumstances in order to be carried out.

Meanwhile, Beast is working to expand X-Force’s intelligence capabilities. He meets with Forge to see if the inventor can create a type of stone that can capture sound and “sing” that sound back to Beast. He intends to use such a material to construct innocuous items that can be placed in high-value locations such as the White House, Stark Unlimited, and Avengers Mountain. Later, Beast returns to the Pointe after a jaunt through the forest and finds a charred piece of paper lying conspicuously near his desk. The only word Hank can make out is written in cyrillic: “chronicler”.

That night, Domino wakes from a nightmare and goes for a run to clear her head. She takes a route that leads her along the beach, where she finds Colossus with an easel and canvas set up. Like Domino, he is dealing with trauma he endured on a mission for Krakoa; in Piotr’s case, he was killed rescuing mutants from Russia. The two of them bond over the feeling that they can’t quite move past the pain these experiences have caused.

Later, Sage tells Domino about another improbable assassination. A priest of the Order of X was killed, shot a moving vehicle blocks away from the church where he was sermonizing. Sage works out that the series of killings are following a geographical pattern. She determines that the next target is most likely a pro-mutant professor of evolutionary biology who will be speaking at a conference in the mountains of Tahoe in a few days.

Domino goes to the conference and is backstage when the prospective target, Professor Elise Owsley, takes the stage. Domino surveys the snowy landscape as Owsley begins her speech. In the distance, she sees a flash of sunlight glinting off the scope of a rifle. Domino tackles Professor Owsley just before bullets tear through the lectern. With the assassination attempt foiled, the shooter hops on a pair of skis and takes off down the mountain. As the lecture crowd disperses in a panic, Domino leaps through the shattered window.. She uses tendrils from her bioorganic Krakoan gauntlet to yank a man off his snowboard, then hops onto the board herself and pursues the shooter.

Domino and the assassin exchange gunfire as they fly down the mountain. When they reach the bottom, the shooter runs into the Big Woods Casino. Domino is hot on their trail, but the shooter is able to disappear into the crowd on the casino floor.

The shooter - a woman whose black and white skin is a mirror image of Domino’s - passes by a woman on a losing streak at her slot machine. The shooter offers the woman her help and hits the play button on the machine. The reel lands on triple 7s. As the jackpot alarm rings out, the shooter remarks that luck must be on her side.

Solicit Synopsis


Domino’s luck seems to be changing… Can she find the source of her misfortune before it costs lives all over the world? And has Colossus healed enough to help her… or even himself?

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