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Quote1.png While you may not care about whatever fate has befallen your kin...I cannot stop thinking about the suffering my poor little Snowflake must be enduring! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Soul Survivors"

On Earth, Colossus demands Cyclops take action to help his sister, Illyana. Cyclops reminds him that Limbo is effectively sealed off and there is nothing they can do at the moment. Elsewhere in San Francisco, Nightcrawler tests out and is astounded by Pixie’s magical teleportation ability. In the Danger Room, he tries to get her to open up about her Soul Dagger and the personality change that accompanies its use. When she manifests it, Pixie stabs Nightcrawler with it. Other X-Men join them and Pixie turns normal again. Shocked at what she did, she carefully draws it out and, with it, the Soulsword that was hidden within Nightcrawler. In Limbo, the Darkchild has been trying to re-establish her rule and find her Bloodstone Amulet and Soulsword to restore her humanity. She senses the reemergence of the Soulsword on Earth and teleports to the Danger Room to confront the X-Men there. Meanwhile, Belasco’s daughter, Witchfire, possesses the Bloodstone amulet and schemes to destroy the Darkchilde and gain control of Limbo.

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