On Earth-774, Bruce Banner would be transformed into the Hulk much like he did on Earth-616 with one exception: When in his Hulk form he would retain his human intellect. This would lead to a chain of events that would have the Fantastic Four disband, and the Avengers and X-Men never being formed. Ultimately, Banner, Reed Richards and Charles Xavier would work together to build a device called the Psychotron that would merge the three into one single being containing a combination of their powers.

When the Earth would be threatened by Galactus, the three scientists would use the Psychotron to merge into one being whom would dub himself the X-Man. Upon it's birth, X-Man would be confronted by Ben Grimm who would be callously swatted aside while it would go after Galactus. The two would pit their mental powers against one another. Finding that the X-Man is an almost equal match, Galactus would leave to find a world that would find a lesser opposition.

Following the battle, the X-Man would collapse and dissolve into his component parts, however his brief existence would leave a lasting legacy behind: Banner, Richards and Xavier would find that they had been stripped of their powers and Ben Grimm's exposure to the X-Man's energies would trigger his mutation into a more powerful and evil form of the Thing that would menace reality[1].

The likelihood of X-Man being restored now that Richards, Banner and Xavier are now powerless seems unlikely.


X-Man possessed the combined abilities of:

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