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Nate Grey
I'm just looking for a life, trying to find some version of normalcy - all I ever wanted really. And you would take that away. Again. To use me as a weapon of war.
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Mister Sinister
You are a weapon, Nate, make no mistake about that... The most wondrous, enchanted, limitless weapon this world has yet to see wielded. And this is a war to end all wars. But I will not have you fall on another's battlefield. I will see you steeled for the final conflict to come - first tempered and tutored by the finest of all...
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Synopsis for "Shades of Grey"

Onslaught Phase Two
Uncanny X-Men #336 Cable #35 X-Man #19 Fantastic Four #416 X-Men (Vol. 2) #56 Onslaught Marvel Universe #1
Onslaught Event
Phase 1 Phase 2 Impact 1 Impact 2

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