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In the middle of the night in NYC, two people race away from a bar on a motorcycle, the driver without a helmet. Nearby the Purple Man exits a cab and tells the driver to leave; it nearly hits the speeding motorcycle, and both vehicles end up crashing. The cabbie and motorcycle driver are killed instantly while the motorcycle’s passenger, a woman, is gravely injured.

At dawn, in Washington Square Park, Nate Grey appears before an adulating crowd, riding high after his recent defeat of Jackknife. As he pushes through the crowd he spies two petty thieves and halts them, but then also has to stop the crowd from attacking them. He telepathically tells the boys’ mother what they’ve done and says they will be punished. As the crowd marvels over his powers, a friend arrives to tell him about the accident and they teleport away.

From a car, the Purple Man contemplates Nate Grey, planning some kind of test for him.

Nate sits by the bedside of the injured girl, who has lost an arm and is comatose. He wonders if he could have done something had he not been self-absorbed in the park. The doctor arrives to shoo them out, and then is extremely shocked to discover that her arm has regrown.

Elsewhere, in a Long Island estate mansion, the Purple Man contemplates his own past, and how his powers have been used by others in ways he couldn’t have dreamed. He thinks of his homeland Yugoslave and his ex-wife and daughter Kara, whom he exposed to danger when he crawled back out of the grave. The nurse from the hospital, clearly under his control, arrives and they have a drink together.

Back in the hospital, the doctor continues his rounds to find another example of a patient inexplicably healed of a serious injury, this time a gunshot wound. Hovering outside the hospital is Nate Grey who scans his friend’s mind, and seems to awaken her without meaning to. He goes out looking for Threnody, and encounters in the park a large crowd, including the hospital doctor, who now attributes him with miraculous healing powers.

Though Nate is taken aback by the media scrum, live cameras broadcast the interview. From his home, the Purple Man watches and ponders his plan of using Nate Grey’s powers similarly to how Doom previously used his own, in a bid to gain control over everyone on Earth.

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