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Nate Grey
How many times do I have to tell you kiddo?.. I can't raise the dead.
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Can't, hero...? Or won't.
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Appearing in "Messiah Complex - Media Blitz"

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Synopsis for "Messiah Complex - Media Blitz"

A couple weeks after the last issue, Nate Grey is at a women’s basketbalkl game with his friends (including the girl whose arm he regenerated unconsciously), when a group of terrorists attack, threatening to blow up the stadium. Nate Grey stops them with a biologically generated EMP that disables their bombs, a technique he says he learned from Forge. The media once again goes wild over him and his powers, which upsets J. Jonah Jameson who doesn’t wish to praise him as a hero. Peter Parker thinks to himself that Nate’s life is about to change.

Nate teleports home to find his friends there as well as the wheelchair-bound doctor who witnessed his healing miracles. His friend Roust asks if he can raise the dead; Nate says no. He browses through the TV channels, delighted to see his own face everywhere, until he is reminded of a child he was unable to save, and blows up the TV in anger. The doctor says he believes his own medical expertise was somehow absorbed by Nate and vice versa, allowing them to work the miracles jointly. He encourages Nate to work at disciplining his powers, but Nate takes this amiss and leaves in anger. He is revivified by the crowd of adoring fans he encounters in the street below, led by his friend Bux.

At the police station, the terrorists are arraigned when a bomb implanted in one of them goes off, destroying the entire building. Suspicion quickly turns onto Nate Grey who captured them.

Elsewhere, Purple Man and Flag-Smasher watch the proceedings with approval, but the Purple Man is upset that he wasn’t told about the sub-dermal bomb, and he makes Flag-Smasher leap of a cliff, where he apparently dies. Then he addresses his driver, who is revealed to be Nate’s friend Bux, and tells her it’s time to finish their plan.

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