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Synopsis for "Coming Up For Air"

Magneto and his X-Men descend into the sewers to emancipate the Morlocks, but they resist violently. Feral eviscerates Xorn (Paige Guthrie), and Magneto orders Storm to end the fight. Her lightning storm hits Magneto as well, but Leech saps her powers, and Annalee takes Magneto's helmet and shows him his greatest fear: Mr. Sinister holding a flaming Phoenix symbol. Storm knocks Leech out, and Silver Samurai calls for Nightcrawler to get Magneto and Xorn back to the mansion. X-23 relates her history to Weapon X, saying she might be his daughter, and an unidentified figure calls a glowing unknown inside a holding tank "My angel." X-23 continues to ask Weapon X to rejoin Magneto. X-23 takes Weapon X to hunt down Northstar and Aurora, two of Apocalypse's Mutant Elite Force.


  • Wolverine killing Northstar in this issue inspired late openly gay author Perry Moore to write the superhero novel "Hero".

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