Quote1 Know this, old had best be right. In my world, failure equals death. Quote2
-- Apocalypse speaking to Abraham van Helsing.

Appearing in "Apocalypse vs. Dracula (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Apocalypse vs. Dracula (Part 2)"

The Clan Akkaba notices Hamilton Slade missing and many other members of the Clan are dying, so they call to Apocalypse. In order to call him, one of them must perish, so Apocalypse makes his choice. With the culling done, he asks what the problem is. Kabar informs him of the dissapearance of Hamilton, and Margaret tries to fight him. Apocalypse grows disgusted and demands answers when Jack and Van Helsing enter. The Clan is outraged at Jack for bringing in an outsider, but Helsing explains himself. He believes the deaths are from vampires. Apocalypse wishes not to believe him, but has no choice, so him and Jack follow him to an old hospital. In the hospital, there are three vampiric Clan members and Apocalypse is forced to kill them all, with the aid of Jack. As they go to tell the others, Hamilton returns with Dracula saying he has found them a new leader.

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