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Quote1.png Know this, old had best be right. In my world, failure equals death. Quote2.png
Apocalypse speaking to Abraham van Helsing.

Appearing in "Apocalypse vs. Dracula (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Apocalypse vs. Dracula (Part 2)"

London, England, 1897: After several members of Clan Akkaba were killed and current leader Hamilton Slade went missing while searching the killer, the inner circle of the Clan awoke Apocalypse from his slumber even though this means one of them must sacrifice himself. With Slade gone, Kabar calls himself the fittest and addresses En Sabah Nur, but he is interrupted by Hamilton’s mother Margaret. Kabar takes her down until Apocalypse puts a stop to all the bickering. But then it is Jack Starsmore who explains his master the situation. He also brought van Helsing with him who is sure that Dracula, the king of all vampires, is responsible for the attack on Clan Akkaba. Ozymandias explains to Apocalypse that he had met Dracula before over 400 years ago and according to van Helsing he is looking for revenge. Reluctantly, and to the surprise of the members of Clan Akkaba, Apocalypse decides to follow van Helsing to the morgue to observe his proofs regarding the involvement of vampires.

At the morgue of St. Sebastian’s Hospital, Apocalypse and his entourage are attacked by three vampiric Clan Akkaba members. During the fight, Jack Starsmore reveals that he is a fire breather, but even that is not enough to kill the vampires. In the end, Apocalypse is successful as he stabs all three vampires into the heart simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Hamilton Slade returns to Alexandria House and is welcomed by his mother Margaret. But then he introduces her to Dracula, their new Lord …

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