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Quote1.png In the name of progress, justice and not being haunted by the pissed-off astral echo of an aging genius -- you will finish what we started. Do. Not. Flake! ... Ha! Invisible, is it? Science-gaze sees all, Brainfail! There will be crotch-punching! Quote2.png
Doctor Nemesis

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Henry McCoy (Beast) (Illusion or holographic simulation) (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)


Other Characters:


  • Earth-10710 (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
  • California (Main story and flashback)
    • Bastion's Oil Rig (3.5 miles off the coast of San Francisco)
    • San Francisco (Illusion or holographic simulation)
      • Golden Gate Park (Illusion or holographic simulation)
      • Pier 39 (Illusion or holographic simulation)
    • Utopia (Illusion or holographic simulation) (Main story and flashback)
  • India (Only in flashback)
  • England (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

The X-Men are on the ropes, barely dodging a foe whose master plan has them fighting to survive. Discovering some suspicious activity just off the coast of their refuge, Utopia, the X-Men send their best and brightest to investigate, hoping to discover just what Bastion is plotting. However, the X-Club is in for more than they bargained for: namely, a trap designed just for them. Thrown into a war even worse than the one they’re coming from, the X-Club is left to wonder: How do they get back to the X-Men? And just how do they figure into Bastion’s master plan?

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