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Appearing in "The Search for Jimmy Hudson: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Search for Jimmy Hudson: Conclusion"

Horrified, Cyclops demands to know what Daken thinks he's doing. Remarking that he doesn't care if they call it an assassination, a mercy killing, or plain old sibling rivalry, Daken retorts that he's killing Jimmy Hudson. Recovering and beginning to transform, Poison snarls that he's not Jimmy Hudson anymore, but Daken retorts that in a few seconds it won't matter what he calls himself unless someone pays for a tombstone. Before Daken can finish Poison off, Angel blasts him with cosmic flames. Furious, Daken demands to know why they're protecting the monster that killed the real Jimmy Hudson; but is blasted in the face by Cyclops - who retorts that Poison or not Jimmy is an X-Man. Daken is grabbed from behind by Bloodstorm, who says that she empathizes with Jimmy Hudson's struggle against his inner darkness and intends to help him face it. Throwing Daken into a tree hard enough to shatter it, Bloodstorm tells him to stand down or she'll show him her inner darkness. Iceman brings up that Beast has a dark side as well, Hank responding in exasperation. Jean regains consciousness, noting that Jimmy is getting away as Poison uses his tentacle-claws to web-swing away. Recovering, Daken berates them for stopping him and says that Poison is going to do a lot of damage unless someone stops him for good. Angel volunteers to fly after him, but Beast says none of them should go after Jimmy alone. Daken retorts that they should leave his brother to those who can handle him, mocking Iceman over his adorable dimwitted doofiness. Jean demands to know if Daken was telling the truth about Magneto sending him, Daken daring her to make him. Jean attempts to use her psychic abilities to read Daken's mind, but his psi-defence training overload her and the backlash knocks the Blue Team flat, Daken smugly leaving before they can recover.

Fleeing through the forest, Poison thinks to itself that it knows the X-Men intend to destroy it and that it can't let its species go extinct. Retracting it, Jimmy adds that if they kill him they'll destroy one of the last remnants of Earth-1610 as well, the two agreeing to cooperate to survive. As Daken attempts to ambush him, Jimmy states that he has Wolverine's supersenses and transforms into Poison, lashing out with tentacle-claws. Dodging, Daken mockingly states that that Poison must be confused and have so many questions about the duality of his existence, but that he has a simple answer: death. Daken remarks that Bloodstorm seemed to think that he didn't understand what it's like to struggle against inner darkness, but that he does. Before he can continue, Poison snares him with his tentacle-claws and smashes into a tree, pointing out that he's immune to Daken's pheromone-based emotional manipulation. Extending his own claws, Daken remarks that he'll put Poison's claims of casting aside all weaknesses to the test. Poison and Daken clash, but Poison's superior strength and durability net him the upper hand. Daken grabs one of the Muramasa blades, but Poison snares the other with a crystalline tentacle and impales him. Daken throws his own blade, impaling Poison through the throat, but Poison simply rips it out and extends his claws. Daken pulls out the sword impaling him, but as they lunge at each other again Iceman freezes them both - leaving only their heads exposed. Poison attempts to break free, but Iceman simply coats him in more ice until he reverts to human form. Marvel Girl approaches and asks to have a one-on-one chat with Jimmy and Poison, Daken shouting that it's not her friend and more dangerous than she can imagine. Jean tells Daken to shut up, but Jimmy states that Daken is right and that she only sees her old teammate because that's what she wants to see. Jean tells Jimmy that he's wrong and reaches into his mind again, telling Iceman to let him go. Cyclops states this isn't a good idea, but Jean tells him that it's her call and that she alone knows what Jimmy is going through. Iceman releases Jimmy, and Jean helps him up and leads him away to talk alone, Cyclops clenching his fist in anger and frustration.

As they walk, Jimmy tells Jean that his mind and the Poison's are jumbled together in a confusing mess of memories, asking what he is. Jean tells him that when she was consumed she felt she was drowning in her memories and the will of the Hive, and reconstituted herself out of raw psionic energy and whatever genetic material was left inside Poison Marvel Girl. Saying she's not sure what Jimmy is, Jean states she knows that he's her friend and that she's not going to hold him prisoner or hunt him down; and that if he needs some time and space to figure himself out then she's willing to give him all the time and space he needs.

When Jean returns alone, Daken berates her for not letting him kill Poison. Glaring at him, Jean tells Daken to tell her about Magneto, but he again smugly dares her to make him. Jean remarks that she won't let him goad her again, telling Bobby to freeze Daken solid. Grinning, Bobby wryly remarks that killing Daken would ruin his reputation as a loveable doof. Grinning, Daken remarks that Magneto was wrong and that they do know how to play hardball. Jean demands to know what Magneto's playing at, but Daken retorts that after the Blue Team went AWOL with the Mothervine and Poisons he's lost patience with them and is done playing — and the only reason he didn't take care of Jimmy himself was that he has bigger targets to eliminate: anyone he feels is a danger to mutantkind, starting with Emma Frost.

Solicit Synopsis


• DAKEN and JIMMY HUDSON square off in one of the most violent battles in X-MEN history!

• Can the X-Men save Jimmy? Can they save Daken? Should they save either one?

• Finally! Jimmy has a codename... but is he a hero or a villain?

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