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X-Men: Chaos Engine Vol 1 3

X-Men: Chaos Engine Vol 1 3
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With time running out, the X-Men must make one final desperate attempt to destroy the 'Chaos Engine' and restore order to the cosmos before their entire reality is wiped from existence by an all powerful alien race. First it was Doctor Doom. Then, Magneto. Two men with a common dream: to become absolute master of the Earth. Through the use of the Cosmic Cube - a device whose reality-bending powers allow its possessor to create their own version of a perfect world - they were each able to bring their dreams to life, if only for a short time. Fortunately, the group of mutant Super Heroes called the X-Men were able to shatter those dreams before they destroyed the planet. But now the Cube has fallen into the hands of the infamous Red Skull, whose twisted philosophies are a reflection of those once voiced by the madman who created him during the darkest days of World War II. And unlike his villainous predecessors, the Skull is in complete control of the Chaos energies generated by the Cube - for the people of the world, there will be no awakening from this living nightmare. In order to save the world from Armageddon, one of the X-Men must be willing to risk his, or her, life - an action that will create lasting repercussions not only for the team of uncanny mutants, but for the very fabric of reality itself.


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