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Quote1.png Over there, another portal flaring open. And two people. A man and a woman. But are they friend of foe? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dreams of Darkest Destiny: Part One"

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Synopsis for "Dreams of Darkest Destiny: Part One"

Professor X, while in the Westchester Institute, vaguely recalls his encounter with Gracie Gamble and Cuckoo. It seems that Gracie used her telepathic powers to summon Professor X in order to use his powers in their battle against the other dimensional creature Synraith. The telepathic powers of Professor X turned the tide and they were able to prevent Synraith from entering Earth-616. After the battle Gracie Gamble used her powers to make Professor X forget the incident.

In Venezuela, during an archeological dig, Gracie Gamble finds the rift to Synraith's dimension. Using mystical device, she seeks to cast a spell to close the portal but failed.

While in the Danger Room, Storm and Cannonball is almost attacked by Wolverine who sensed something wrong. A dimensional rift suddenly appears inside the Danger Room almost sucking in Cannonball, and then just as suddenly disappears. Forge is called to check the problem when suddenly something attacks Professor X. The dimensional rift appears again with tentacles coming out to seize the unconscious Professor X. Wolverine, Storm, Forge were unable to prevent the abduction, but Colossus grabbed hold and was pulled inside the rift with Professor X. Wolverine tried to enter the rift but was stopped by Cyclops.

At the Ravenscroft estate, Cuckoo was caught in a trance speaking a Mayan dialect. When Adam Destine is asking her what she has done, an explosion opens a dimensional rift with tentacles similar to the one that captured Professor X, also seeks to capture Cuckoo, Adam Destine while trying to save her, is also captured.

Inside the dimensional rift, Professor X revives, together with Colossus they try to see the new comers who fell from another dimensional hole.

The ClanDestine, using Newton Destine scientific expertise, opened the a dimensional gateway in order to find their missing members, while Forge detects the new gateway and prepares for it.


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