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Quote1.png When I joined the X-Men, I was a different woman. I swore never to take a life. But that changed. I made an exception. And exceptions became justifications. Taking a life became less horrifying. And today I crossed a line. I took another life. Not a monster or a vampire. An innocent. ... I'm worried now. Because I wonder, the next time I cross that line... Will it be too much to bear? Quote2.png

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  • unnamed vampire victims




  • unidentified aircraft

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As an army of vampires descends on San Francisco, the X-Men find themselves in dire straights. The good news is that they may have just discovered a means for stemming the invasion. The bad news? What they need is in the clutches of the vampires themselves. Luckily, the X-Men have two thieves in their employ that may just be able pull off such a heist. Hold on to your wooden stakes, X-Fans…STORM and GAMBIT are in for a bumpy ride!

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