Quote1 Every study has shown that genetic mutants, people like us, have very specific energy signatures… more powerful energy signatures. Think about it. Last week there were over a million mutants across the planet… and now, all but a comparative handful of them appear to be nothing more than human. So as a scientist, I’m simply wondering…Where did all that energy go? Quote2
-- Beast

Appearing in "Deadly Genesis"

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Synopsis for "Deadly Genesis"

Cyclops and Beast feel increasingly uncomfortable with the guarding Sentinels stationed at the Institute. Beast also wonders where all the energy from the de-powered mutants ended up after Wanda caused M-Day. Within an orbiting rock mass, Vulcan awakens in a fiery blast of energy. He boards an abandoned space-shuttle and is disturbed to find that he has woken up in the 21st century. Back at the mansion, Emma Frost uses Cerebra to try and locate the missing Professor Xavier. Suddenly, Emma picks up an omega-level mutant signature and a NASA space shuttle burning through Earth's atmosphere. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, and Wolverine pilot the X-Jet towards the shuttle crash-site in upstate New York. Meanwhile, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler have their worst fears presented to them through mysterious apparitions. The other X-Men are surprised to see the space-shuttle embedded in a fist-shaped earth formation. Marvel Girl then picks up the faint presence of Jean Grey and follows her ghostly image into a dark cave. Wolverine and Cyclops run in after her, only to find Rachel unconscious in Vulcan's grip. He makes short work of the the two, by blasting them into submission. Then after informing Cyclops that he is formally acquainted with him, Vulcan drags Scott and Rachel out of the cave. On Muir Island, Banshee is startled by a vision of the deceased Dr MacTaggart standing outside her office window. He follows her to a private shack and finds a computer file revealing Moira's surprising hatred towards Charles Xavier. Wolverine wakes to find himself in the wreckage of the crash site, surrounded by government troops and Sentinels.

Appearing in "Petra"


Synopsis for "Petra"

Petra's family were killed in a rockslide on her 13th birthday. Unable to explain how she miraculously evaded the jagged boulders, she was placed into the custody of Child Protective Services. Petra's foster parents were negligent, and the husband was constantly inappropriate with her. When he tried to molest Petra, his feet sunk into the ground as if it was swallowing him up. From that moment on she knew she was a mutant, (and was possibly responsible for her family's death.) Petra became a runaway; living on the streets and molding a fort out of rocks in Central Park. She learnt how to make diamonds out of hard coal, and this made her life a little easier… until something went wrong. The last pawn-broker she went to called the police. Petra runs to her home in the rocks, but the police quickly apprehend the resistant mutant. Petra wakes up much later in a holding pen, where a kind lady escorts her to get showered and dressed. She informs Petra that someone has made a deal with the court and that she will be released into their custody. When the woman hints at her being a mutant, Petra is afraid to be found out and is cautious towards someone wanting to help "kids like her"


Giant-Size X-Men Vol 1 1
  • The Scarlet Witch was driven insane and altered reality to create the House of M. Afterwards, she transformed the world back to normal with the exception that there be no more mutants. A small percentage of mutants were salvaged by Dr. Strange's spellcasting and Emma Frost's telepathy; thus creating M-Day
  • The government employed O*N*E and their new Sentinel programme to protect the remaining mutants at the institute. (House of M: the Day After)
  • Darwin is fused with Vulcan, but doesn't make his first appearance until the back-up story in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2.
  • Moira MacTaggert, Banshee's love interest, died from a mortal wound recieved by Mystique in X-Men (2nd series) #108

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