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1st profile

2099 AD (Timestorm) Profile

Albion Profile

Arize Profile

Bamfs Profile

Eli Bard Profile

Beast (Hank McCoy) update Profile

Bird-Brain Profile

Black Womb Profile

Edward Buckman Profile

Tatiana Caban Profile

Chance (Fallen Angels) Profile

Tom Corsi Profile

Cortex Profile

Crimson Dawn Profile

Crule Profile

Devil/Fireflyte (Microverse) Profile

Fred Duncan Profile

Emma Frost Profile

Sharon Ginsberg Profile

Grizzly (Winchester) Profile

Halloween Jack (Earth-928's 2099 AD) Profile

Harvester Profile

Ink Profile

Jack in the Box Profile

Jazz Profile

Madison Jeffries Profile

Joseph (Magneto clone) Profile

Kukulcan Profile

Litterbug Profile

Lords of Light and Darkness Profile

Magneto (Eisenhardt) update Profile

Mister Jip Profile

Moon-Boy (Dinosaur World) Profile

Mountjoy Profile

Mystique (Darkhölme) update Profile

Neo Profile

Onyxx Profile

Poltergeist Profile

Professor X (Xavier) update Profile

Paulie Provenzano Profile

Kavita Rao Profile

Ravens Profile

Red Lotus Profile

Rhapsody Profile

Saturnine (demon) Profile

Shinobi Shaw Profile

Shortpack Profile

Candy Southern Profile

Sunstroke Profile

Tongah Profile

Utopia (mutant island) Profile

Valkyrior Profile

Amelia Voght Profile

Warpies Profile

Wicked Profile

Wraith (Rendoza) Profile

X-Cutioner Profile

Xraven Profile

Zaladane Profile

Solicit Synopsis

All things mutants take center stage in this all-new collection of Handbook-style profiles! Featuring X-Men members (Madison Jeffries/Box, Paulie Provenzano, Wraith/Hector Rendoza), trainees (Onyxx, Ink/Eric Gitter), allies (Fred Duncan, Tom Corsi, Candy Southern, Shortpack), the evil (Cortex, X-Cutioner, Amelia Voght, Zaladane, Black Womb) and the lesser-known (Litterbug, Jazz, Arize, Jack in the Box, Crule), and updates for the big guns (Professor X, Magneto, Emma Frost, Beast, Mystique). And because you demanded it: Joseph gets a profile at last! Plus: Brand-new Gus Vazquez art for the majority of profiles!

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