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Synopsis for "Emperor Vulcan"

1000 years ago, a Shi'ar Scout ship found a massive energy signature on a nearby planet. The Shi'ar captain took this as a religious symbol, and conquered the area as part of the Shi'ar Empire. Present time, and the battle for Feather's Edge still rages on. The Starjammers try to communicate with the command ship of the Scy'ar Tal (their saviors only a moment ago.) Then Polaris instantly feels Vulcan's return, who has in fact survived his ship's destruction. Vulcan races off to kill his aggressors but their leader is unwavering against his attacks. The "Eldest" then fires his own blast at Vulcan and easily defeats Gladiator, who comes to the aid of his Emperor. Vulcan manages to escape the Eldest's wrath and flees. As the Scy'ar Tal regroup, they are visited by the astral forms of Marvel Girl and Havok. The Eldest cannot understand how Havok can intentionally betray his brother. He then claims to know of Marvel Girl's power (referring to her Phoenix) and telepathically sends her disturbing memories of his people. Rachel tells the others that the Shi'ar attempted genocide of the Scy'ar Tal, and that they are here to claim back the M'Kraan Crystal. Suddenly, the Scy'ar Tal commandship fires a missile-looking homing beacon. Rachel panics and orders the Starjammers to shoot it down, while the their suspicious allies warp away. The Starjammers warp jump just in time as the homing beacon transforms into a Shi'ar Stargate, that a star emerges from, obliterating the planet and its 2.4 billion populace. The Starjammers are left to gather their thoughts, but are soon visited by Vulcan and his Imperial Guard, who calls a cease fire.


  • The M'Kraan Crystal is the nexus of all realities and houses the White Hot Room.
  • "Phoenix" was the first X-Men codename Rachel adopted (in her mother's memory) and her life has been inextricably linked to what it represents.


  • The M'Kraan Crystal is closely linked with the role of the Phoenix Force

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  • X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 - X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6
  • Uncanny X-Men #475 - Uncanny X-Men #486 (The Rise and Fall of ths Shi'ar Empire)

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