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Quote1.png Let's show the Scy'ar who they messed with. Let's show them what finality really means. Quote2.png
Emperor Vulcan

Appearing in "Emperor Vulcan"

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  • Wing of K'ythri (Ka'ardum's Battlecruiser)
  • Starjammer
  • Eternal Raptor (Destruction)

Synopsis for "Emperor Vulcan"

The Scy'ar Tal gaze upon their "godstone" they have coveted for so many years. Lilandra and her Shi'ar fleet arrive to battle them, but she refuses to launch a full scale genocide of their people (despite Chancellor Araki's warnings.) Meanwhile the "Eldest" receives word that the Starjammers are attacking Scy'ar Tal fleets around Finality. Polaris is protecting the Starjammer with a magnetic force-field whilst Marvel Girl uses sensory telepathy to navigate the ship, but they also fear they can't hold out for long. Vulcan and Havok breach the hull of the Finality station and fight their way through the main deck. Unfortunately, they don't make it very far before the Eldest arrives and battles them both simultaneously. The Imperial Guard comes to the aid of both the Starjammer and their Emperor, but once the Eldest is defeated another takes his place. Havok begins to realize that the Eldest derives his power from his people. Back at the M'Kraan Crystal, Jahf witnesses the near defeat of the Shi'ar against the Scy'ar Tal. But their luck changes as Vulcan, at Havok's suggestion, absorbs all the energy that feeds the Elder. Suddenly, the Scy'ar Tal become confused and vulnerable, giving the Shi'ar the upper-hand. The Starjammers, however, see the fault in this apparent victory and are soon pursued by members of the Imperial Guard. Havok tries to reason with the disoriented Scy'ar Tal, but is promptly thwarted by Vulcan, who incinerates his enemies on board the station and then ejects Alex into space.


  • Jahf is a supremely powerful guardian of the M'Kraan Crystal
  • The M'Kraan Crystal is the nexus of all realities and houses the White Hot Room
  • As seen in the previous issues of Emperor Vulcan, "finality" is a weapon that deploys stars through Stargates.
  • Raza mentions that Hepzibah "is sorry she's missing" the action. She is a former Starjammer member that was left stranded on Earth after the "Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire" arc (see below)

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  • Uncanny X-Men #475 - Uncanny X-Men #486 (The Rise and Fall of ths Shi'ar Empire)

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