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Emperor Vulcan

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  • Outside the Ka'leb Molecular Cloud
  • Onboard Finality Station
  • Chandilar



Synopsis for "Emperor Vulcan"

The Starjammers are about to be attacked from all sides but Polaris' furious power makes quick work of the Shi'ar Warbirds. She then leads the Starjammers toward "Finality", to destroy the weapon at all costs. Meanwhile at the Station, Vulcan targets the Scy'ar Tal with their own weapon. He fires a tracer that will open up a Warpgate and repeat the same destruction as Feather's Edge. Korvus and Marvel Girl break off from the team in pursuit of this tracer which prompts Vulcan to send all his Imperial Guards after the Starjammers. Havok uses Vulcan's isolation to face off with him and manages to beat him into submission. Elsewhere, Rachel and Korvus (in his space vehicle) are abruptly attacked by Gladiator. Marvel Girl fights him to a standstill, giving Korvus the opportunity to reach the tracer... but Korvus' ship is destroyed by a defected General Ka'ardum. As Marvel Girl races off to save Korvus, Havok is stopped by the remaining Imperial Guard, who hold the Starjammers hostage. Vulcan then releases the star, which destroys the entire Scy'ar Tal fleet and damages the planet below. The Crystal, however, remains unscathed, and Havok is left to decide whether to kill Vulcan or let his team-mates die in retaliation. He instead, destroys the Station, disabling the most powerful weapon at Vulcan's disposal. The Shi'ar flee as the Station explodes and Ka'ardum asks Lilandra to "run". Days later, on the Shi'ar throne world, Vulcan is adored by the Shi'ar people as he proclaims his victory. He promises to expand the Empire and destroy those who get in their way, including Charles Xavier. 13,000 years ago, the Scy'ar Tal arrived at a lone planet and cast out the inhabitants in the name of the M'Kraan.


  • Feather's Edge was obliterated by a star in Emperor Vulcan #2
  • The Scy'ar Tal invaded the area of the M'Kraan Crystal in a similar manner as the Shi'ar did to them. (as revealed in Emperor Vulcan #2

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