Quote1.png Too much power! I can't control it. I have to.... Quote2.png
-- Rogue

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Synopsis for "Rogue Recruit"

A young girl in Mississippi manifests her mutant power at a high school dance. She accidentally absorbs a football player's memories and becomes upset and confused, and accidentally absorbs the powers of two of the X-Men as well. The X-Men and Mystique both try to get the girl on their side, and Mystique succeeds in the end by using her shapeshifting abilities to make the girl afraid of the X-Men.


"Ich verstehte Deutscher?" literally translates to "I understand German?"

At the end of the last scene in the cemetery it's a little difficult to hear what Cyclops is saying. He's incredulously repeating what Kitty has just called Kurt, which was "fuzzy elf".


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