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Xavier is wheeled into a cell. The guard closes the door and radios to someone else to bring in the patient. A girl is moved from a maximum security holding cell. The guards are all really nervous and jumpy and when the girl begins to struggle one of them yells out not to let her move her hands, even a little. She continues to struggle and is able to wiggle on hand free enough to wave towards the bindings on her straight jacket. The bindings disintegrate and the girl is able to get free. Massive destruction and chaos ensues. As lights, cameras and other objects explode and burn, everyone takes off running. The girl runs for the door and it seems to melt in front of her. She makes her way to the cell where Xavier is waiting and rushes him like she's going to attack. Xavier call out her name, Wanda, but when she continues forward he uses his powers to overcome her and calm her down. By the time the guards arrive she's sitting meekly in a corner of the cell.

Xavier tells her that he thought they had made more progress in teaching her to control her anger. She glares at him and tells him to get her out of there. He says that he has a place for her at the Institute, but that right now he can't risk it. A doctor interrupts to take Wanda for some more tests. The doctor takes her through security, but Wanda starts to get upset. Things start flying around, walls start cracking. The doctor tries to calm her saying he's going to help her, but things just get worse. They take off running and when they make it outside they meet up with an old lady. The lady begins chanting in what sounds like Gaelic and Wanda is calmed. The doctor morphs into Mystique. She tells the woman to keep Wanda under control while she goes back in, that she has some other business to attend to.

At Bayville High, Kitty forces some horrendous muffins on Kurt. Jean and Scott try to have a serous conversation about how neither of them are happy in their current relationships, but Duncan shows up and Scott tells Jean that they'll talk later. At the Brotherhood house, Mystique arrives to bust some heads. She yells at the boys and tells them that they need to grows some backbones. She roughs up Toad and jumps all over Lance for trying to join the X-Men. Tabitha shows up and interrupts the tirade. Mystique tells Tab that she's in charge and the first rule is to get out of her room. Tabitha is about to give Mystique one of her little charges, but the boys step in. Quicksilver snatches it away and it gets passed down to Blob. Blob hands it to Toad, picks him up and flings him into the next room where he explodes. Tab looks hurt for a minute, then turns around to pack, saying that she was tired of living there anyway. Mystique tells the boys that they have a new secret weapon and then she brings in Wanda. Wanda sees Pietro and freaks. The boys run as she starts to bring the house down on their heads. They huddle behind a couch as things are thrown about the room. Toad asks Pietro if it's one of his old girlfriends, but Pietro says it's worse, it's his sister. Lance and Toad try to stop Wanda, but she turns their powers back on them. Agatha finally arrives and takes control of Wanda, calming her down again and leaving the room with her.

Pietro tries to tell Mystique that Wanda is too dangerous to have around. Mystique tells him that she brought along Agatha to help Wanda learn to focus her anger into power. He tells her that she won't co-operate. Mystique tells them that she got all of the info she needs downloaded from Cerebro and that Wanda will cooperate because Mystique can give her what she really wants, revenge. Tabitha interrupts again, this time on the way out of the house with her stuff. She tells Mystique that the room is all hers. As Tab walks away from the Brotherhood house there is a huge explosion in Mystique's room and she smiles.At the Institute, there's another scene about Kitty's wretched muffins. Xavier tells all of the X-kids about Wanda. He tells them that her anger stems from her father abandoning her in the hospital as a child.

Meanwhile, Agatha is working with Wanda to defeat her rage. She has flashbacks of Pietro (as a child) and Magneto standing by as men drag her into the hospital. She kicks and screams for her father not to leave her. More sessions and Wanda's still having trouble. Every time she just about gains control, she has more flashbacks of being left in the hospital and loses it. Later in the bathroom as she's cutting her hair, Pietro tries to talk to her about why they left her behind. He tells her that Magneto had no choice, that she was out of control. He asks her if she can at least try to see their father's point of view. She gets really angry and tells him that monster's have no point of view, then storms off. Mystique overhears the conversation and asks Pietro which side he's really on. Pietro tells her that he's on her side, that Magneto was never really a father to him either. Mystique tells him that it's time to move forward with their plans and she's set up a test to see if they are ready to take on Magneto. At the Institute, Xavier tells that X-Kids that he's tracked Wanda to the Brotherhood and that they're all in the mall right now. The X-Men take off to confront them. At the mall, the X-Men do the usual routine of kicking some Brotherhood butt. Lance meets up with Kitty and tells her that something is going to happen and he wants her to leave. He tells her that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. She won't listen though and phases away.

The X-Men have just about finished the Brotherhood when Wanda shows up. The place starts going haywire and the X-Men are scattered. As each of the X-men try to take on Wanda, their powers turn against them. Spyke is hit by his own spikes, Scott's blasts go out of control, Kit is trapped halfway in phasing through the floor. Kurt teleports her free, but the two of them are dumped into some trees outside. Jean talks Scott into retreating, telling him that Wanda is too strong, they can't beat her. As the X-Men retreat, the Brotherhood celebrate their victory. Pietro puts his arm around Wanda, and says they owe it to their secret weapon, the Scarlet Witch. He tells Wanda that if their father could see her, he would be proud. Wanda knocks his arm away and says that Magneto is his father, not hers and that she'll have revenge for what he did to her. Outside the X-Men regroup to head home. Xavier tells them that it's his fault for not teaching them how to deal with someone like Wanda. As Scott and the others act like a bunch of sore losers and start to mope away, Xavier tells them that the way they handle defeat is as much a mark on their character as coming home the victor, and from what he's seeing, it was a lesson that was very much needed.


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