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Juggernaut's containment is failing and Xavier is called in to help. Jean and Scott are left in charge while Xavier has to leave for a few days. At school, Taryn tries to get Scott to show her his eyes. He "fights" her off and she finally gives up and says gotta go. Major flirting going on. Meanwhile Jean has been spying on them the whole time, looking rather irritated. Scott catches her and asks how long she's been there. She blurts out something about not spying on him, which makes Scott realize she was. He laughs and says something about her being jealous. This really sets Jean off and she tells him he's got a lot of nerves and stomps off.

Kit crashes three computers in computer class. Risty and "Arcade" Webber are playing games on another computer when the teacher stops them. She says enough computers have been crashed for the day. After class, Risty asks Kitty if she knows of any parties coming up. Kit says no luck and Risty mentions wishing she knew somebody whose parents were away. Cut to Kit, Evan, and Kurt talking about throwing a party. They're getting excited when Rogue reminds them of Jean and Scott. Kurt says what are X-Men if not problem solvers. Xavier helps to fix Juggernaut's containment. Then he tells them that the failure was no accident that the system had been sabotaged.

Back at Bayville, Jean meets Scott at the overlook. As they sit on the hood of the car talking, Kit and Kurt 'port in. Kit steals Jean's cell, while Kurt grabs Scott's car keys out of the ignition. Scott says that Kurt said she wanted to talk to him, Jean says that's what Kitty told me. Scott accuses her of setting up the whole thing because she's jealous of Taryn. She gets mad and tells him to take her home. When he realizes the keys are missing she says typical and accuses him of setting it up.At the Institute, the party is in full swing. Webber and Risty wander off and eventually find the elevator to the sub-floors. Webber hacks the security and manages to get into Cerebro.At the overlook, Jean can't find her phone so they head off to find a payphone. Scott heads off first and she jerks him back with her TK. Then marches off asking if he's coming or not.

Webber hacks into Cerebro's files and finds info on the New Mutants. Risty asks if he can download the files for her, for her computer class. He gives her a disc and tells her to get lost. She takes the disc and leaves. Webber finds the Danger Room programs.Jean and Scott manage to get a lift with a trucker and are headed back to the Institute. Meanwhile Rogue realizes that someone has activated the Danger Room. Kurt 'ports in to shut it down. When he doesn't come out or open the doors, Kit phases in and sees him down. She phases Evan and Rogue into the Danger Room. Arcade thinks that it's just a computer game he's playing and turns the DR loose on them. Evan and Rogue save Kurt, but Kit is knocked out. They're all about to be crushed when Kurt comes to and 'ports them all out. Webber starts searching for them and manages to set off the Institute security, "Defcon 4".

Jean and Scott get the to Institute and realize that they were suckered so the kids could throw a party. They're both saying sorry when "Defcon 4" begins locking down the Institute. The ground weapons start firing on them and they run. Risty is wandering around inside lost. She's cornered by one of the defense systems and is knocked unconscious when it fires on her and slams her into a wall. When she falls to the ground she morphs into Mystique. The other party guests go on pretty much oblivious to what's going on. Jean and Scott make their way into the building by coming in through the Blackbird launch bay. Mystique comes to and manages to hide just as they run past. Neither of them notice her.Webber finds the X-Kids running through the halls and sets more devices on them. They get away and meet up with Jean and Scott. Together they finally realize what's going on and who's responsible. Webber tries one more time to take them all out by electrocuting them, but they all get out and Kurt 'ports Rogue behind Webber where she's able to knock him out.

Party guests leave and Evan, Kurt, and Kitty complain about missing the party and now having to clean up after it. Webber comes to and apologizes, he still thinks it was all just a computer game. Xavier shows up and tells Webber that there is a taxi waiting to take him home. Scott tries to apologize to Xavier and take the blame for everything but Xavier tells him that there is plenty of blame to go around. Including an unknown guest. He tells them that someone orchestrated the whole night. Now it's up to them to find out who it was and what they were after.Mystique is perched on top of the gate looking towards the Institute. She jumps down and morphs back into Risty. She looks at the disc Webber burnt for her and smiles as she walks away.


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