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Quote1.png Well, so much for our winter wonderland. I can see now that teaching mutants will require entirely different skills. Quote2.png
Beast (Hank McCoy)


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Scott is in Hawaii visiting Alex. Alex is out on his surfboard and Scott is on the beach with a laptop. They have a camera rigged on the surfboard so that Scott can tape Alex while he's surfing. The setup also allows them to talk to each other. Scott tells Alex that it's going to have to be the last one, a huge storm is blowing in. Alex shrugs off the warning. He wipes out and is dragged out by the undertow. Scott wants to call for help, but Alex wisely tells him not to do this as it would make him look stupid. Instead, Scott steals a boat and tries to go out and save him himself. Alex fires off a couple of flares with his powers, but before Scott can find him he gets too tired and can't fire anymore. Scott still can't find him, so he tries to call in the Harbor Patrol for help. Transmission breaks up though before he can talk to anyone. At the Institute, Kit gets a call from Lance. He invites her to go out to the mall with him. Kit teases him, then Kurt walks in with huge muscles. She tells Lance she'll think about it and call him back. Kurt's muscles disappear and Kitty tells him he shouldn't be messing with his image inducer. Kurt leaves and walks past Evan in the hallway. Half way down he becomes really fat. Evan tells him he better lay off the burger bombs.

Kurt wanders into the kitchen where Jean is watching television. On the news it tells of the storm brewing in Hawaii. Kurt asks if Scott is there and Jean says yeah, Alex is probably right in the middle of it. She turns to talk to him and falls off of her chair surprised. When the camera draws back, we can see that Kurt's body is normal again, but witha huge head. Meanwhile Scott is still searching for Alex. He manages to briefly get through to rescue, but then loses it again. Alex tells him he's going to try to fire off one more blast. He does, but then he promptly falls off of his board. Scott gets close, but loses feed when Alex falls off. Alex surfaces behind the boat and Scott is able to pull him in.At the Institute, some of the New Mutants are outside having a snowball fight. It quickly turns into a powers fight as they begin blasting away at one another. Beast tells them that it is no way to have a snowball fight and joins in by flinging massive snowballs with his feat.

Jean is called in, as the X-Men find out via the news about Scott and Alex's trouble. They head out in the Blackbird. The boy's boat runs out of gas. Scott uses his power to "split" a wave just as it's going to crash over them. The search helicopter sees the blast and heads in that direction. Another wave hits, and this time it capsizes the boat. The boys are able to cling to some debris as their boat sinks. Scott gives Alex a lecture about not giving up and then the helicopter finds them. Alex is strapped into the harness and they start towing him up. The helicopter is hit by lightening and the whole thing, Alex included, comes crashing down into the ocean. Alex is dragged down (not being smart enough to unhook the harness) and Scott has to rescue him again. The Coast Guard saves the helicopter pilots, but they can't find the boys. The Blackbird arrives and Jean helps to get the boys into the jet as Storm has to fight off a huge funnel cloud that has just touched down nearby. The boys finally get into the jet and then Xavier takes off. Back home, the snow is all melted outside now. Beast looks around sadly and tells the New Mutants that teaching them is going to take entirely different skills. They laugh. Kurt asks if he can go in and visit Scott now. Xavier tells him yes and gives him back his image inducer. Kurt apologizes for messing it up and tells Xavier he won't break it again. Xavier tells him he's sure he won't and leaves. Kurt turns on the inducer and he goes to see Scott.In Scott's room, Jean is there doling out some TLC. Kurt wanders in and says welcome back. Scott says "Thanks, Ma'am". Kurt is puzzled and looks in the mirror. He now looks like a girl version of his normal self. He yells out "Professor". Xavier comes in saying he couldn't resist and they all laugh.

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