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Quote1.png His strategy was to show me my own folly, my own weakness. He made me relive every mistake that Charles Xavier had ever made. Every scrap of guilt that could be laid at his door. But the man who made those mistakes is dead. His failings and his failures died with him. I have the chance -- the possibility -- to be someone better. Quote2.png
Charles Xavier

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  • Blackbird (Illusion or holographic simulation)

Synopsis for 1st story

Professor X (Charles Xavier) and Exodus battle on the psychic plane. Magneto tries to intervene, but Exodus fends off his attack despite being occupied with Xavier as well. Exodus gradually wears Xavier down by giving him back the memories of his biggest failures - the genocide on Genosha; the deaths of the second team of X-Men during their attempt to rescue the original five from Krakoa; and the deaths of Phoenix, Colossus, Banshee, and others. Xavier nearly succumbs to the pain of these memories, but fights back and incapacitates Exodus. Elsewhere, Emma Frost senses the psychic battle and tells Scott Summers that Xavier is alive.

Back in the physical world, Exodus tells Xavier he’s not his enemy, and says he wants Xavier to lead the Acolytes. Xavier refuses and leaves with Magneto and Karima Shapandar. Karima asks how Xavier defeated Exodus. He says the man that made all those mistakes and carried the guilt that came with them is dead. He says he has the chance to be someone better, and walks off alone. He is going off to try to piece together the gaps in his memory.

In Australia, Rogue stops at a gas station to fill up her motorcycle’s tank, then heads into the Outback.

At the Hellfire Club, a butler tells Sebastian Shaw that a device in the Club’s possession has activated itself. He opens the door to room 17 and shows Shaw the destruction the apparatus caused. Shaw tells the butler to retrieve a file from his desk marked “Cronus”.


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