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Quote1.png That death and birth can be the same thing. So much of life is just the routine. The default opinions. The coffin we build around ourselves while we're still alive. Quote2.png
Jean Grey

Appearing in "Sins of the Father (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Sins of the Father (Part 1)"

At a remote cabin, Juggernaut feels an attempted psychic attack. He tells his unknown assailant that while they may be powerful, nothing gets through his helmet, and he’ll come looking for them soon.

Charles Xavier is dreaming fitfully in a hotel room in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In the dream, he sees his sister, Cassandra Nova, who discourages him from looking into their father’s work. Brian Xavier died when Charles was a child - what new information could he possibly learn? The next day, Charles visits his childhood friend, Carter Ryking, at a psychiatric facility. Xavier learns from one of the doctors that Carter had a mental breakdown when he lost his powers on M-Day, so he is not altogether there these days.

Carter has been tallying days with his fingernails on his cell wall (he’s down to one day now), and speaks what seems to be nonsense when Xavier enters. Soon, Carter recognizes Charles, and permits him to look into his mind for information about their past. Peering into Carter’s memories, Xavier sees both of them as boys getting tested, receiving injections - with Brian Xavier’s consent - from a Dr. Milbury, who, in Carter’s eyes, manifests a familiar red diamond on his forehead. Milbury tells young Charles that the child’s “genes will live forever.” In the present, Charles thanks Carter and says he’ll visit again tomorrow. Carter says again that he’s “down to one”.

As Xavier walks back to his car, he reflects on his father’s colleagues - Kurt Marko, Dr. Milbury, and Irene Adler - and wonders why geneticists such as them were working at a nuclear facility. Charles senses someone watching him, and takes mental control of a flock of pigeons to distract the unknown man - a sniper on a roof nearby - so he can get away.

At the Hellfire Club, Roberto Da Costa is angry with Sebastian Shaw for keeping the mysterious device that recently activated (and exploded) a secret. Shaw says the device was his father’s, and agrees to investigate its purpose further. When Shaw leaves, Da Costa tells the rest of the Inner Circle there is about to be an opening in the group.

Later that night, Carter Ryking is about to receive an injection from an orderly when he suddenly dies. Across town, Xavier meditates in his hotel room, trying to remember more about Dr. Milbury. Instead, he accesses memories of Jean Grey describing the powers of the Phoenix to him. These memories devolve into Bishop shooting him and he starts awake. Charles begins to sense people outside his hotel room. As the unknown agents - dressed in black with night-vision goggles - prepare to breach the room, Gambit suddenly appears behind them, ready for a fight.


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