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Quote1.png You can fool an honest man like Scott, Professor. But you can't fool a thief. It's like dat trick where you shuffe the ace of spades into a deck and it keeps finding its way back to the top. You keep coming back here. To these people. You asked Cyclops to define himself without the X-Men, Professor. You want to take the test yourself? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Sins of the Father (Part 2)"

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  • Xavier's and Gambit's car

Synopsis for "Sins of the Father (Part 2)"

Gambit makes quick work of the strike team that was about to storm Charles Xavier’s hotel room. Xavier joins the fray briefly and, at first, doesn’t recognize Gambit due to his fractured mind. After making psychic contact with Gambit, however, his memory returns. Gambit reveals that the men are part of the New Orleans Assassins Guild, which received a double-blind hit list containing four names: Xavier, Cain Marko, Sebastian Shaw, and Carter Ryking.

The next morning, Xavier and Gambit visit the psychiatric facility in Las Cruces and learn that Ryking died of a brain hemorrhage - in fact, all of the blood vessels in his brain ruptured simultaneously. Sebastian Shaw also happens to be visiting the facility. Shaw, on the phone, says the energy field that hit the Hellfire Club is spiking every 23 hours. He then notices Xavier and Gambit leaving the building and follows.

Sometime later, Gambit and Xavier are driving through the desert, in hopes of finding answers at the nuclear facility at Alamogordo where Brian Xavier and his geneticist colleagues worked. Xavier then recalls an argument between his mother and Kurt Marko where Marko suggests Dr. Milbury is experimenting on the children in order to unlock the key to immortality. On the cliffs by the highway, a hooded figure is instructed to attack the next time Gambit and Xavier get out of the car.

Xavier begins to have an increasingly severe headache and asks Gambit to pull over. Gambit starts a fire by the side of the road and the two talk. Xavier tells Gambit that Mr. Sinister may have been manipulating events - and possibly even his parents themselves - to see what would happen when individuals with the X-gene had children.

Xavier’s headache gets worse and he finds himself on a battlefield, watching a version of himself as a military officer order the X-Men forward, only to see them fall in World War II-style trench combat.

Gambit wakes Xavier up as the Assassins Guild attacks again. Gambit is overpowered, while Xavier runs away before collapsing under the weight of another vision. This time, he sees himself as a young boy standing helplessly in front of a fully-revealed Mr. Sinister.


  • The first five issues of the X-Men: Legacy title feature a connecting art as cover, starting from left with X-Men: Legacy #208 to end with X-Men: Legacy #212. Full art as below:
X-Men Legacy 208-212 Full Cover.jpg

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