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Mr. Sinister

Appearing in "Sins of the Father (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Sins of the Father (Part 3)"

Charles Xavier is trapped inside his own mind, at the mercy of Mr. Sinister. Sinister tells Xavier how he encoded himself into Charles’ DNA when Charles was a boy. Sinister’s psychic manifestation begins operating on a prone Xavier’s brain, wearing away at his telepathic defenses as he tries to gain control. He shows Xavier all the times he was a poor leader and mentor to the X-Men and tells Charles the world is better off without him. In the real world, an Assassins Guild sniper receives orders to kill Xavier. Even in his weakened state, however, Xavier senses this and influences the Guild to take him alive.

In the New Mexico desert, Gambit is fighting members of the Assassins Guild. He seems to have the upper hand, but is shot and falls to the ground. Before the Guild can finish him off, however, Sebastian Shaw appears and comes to Gambit’s aid. After the two defeat the Guild, Shaw reveals he knows of Sinister’s plans. Shaw says that his father, Jacob Shaw, worked for Sinister locating people who carried the X-gene. According to Jacob’s notes, Sinister encoded his essence into the DNA of Sebastian, Charles, Cain Marko, and Carter Ryking when they were children. He then created a machine that would send a signal when he dies that awakens that essence in the first host body to respond. Shaw tells Gambit that his father created his own machine to protect his son from this signal, and wonders why someone is trying to kill the remaining three potential hosts. They discover that Xavier has been abducted and, declaring a temporary truce, set off to the Alamogordo research facility.

The Assassins Guild deliver Xavier to an ancient woman named Dr. Mueller. Mueller takes a pistol from one of the Guild and shoots Xavier three times. As he lays bleeding on the floor, she explains that she was the first mutant Sinister ever met, and her power of immortality inspired him to create the Cronus Device. However, since she still continued to age, Sinister chose the four children as his hosts instead. But, she says, she secretly gave herself the same treatment, modified to give her only Sinister’s powers and not his personality as well. So, once Xavier dies - since Juggernaut is protected by his helmet, Shaw by his father’s machine, and Ryking lost his X-gene and died - the process will activate within her.

As Sinister’s psyche tries to convince Xavier to let him take over, Shaw and Gambit storm the facility. Suddenly, Xavier stands, his eyes and a diamond on his forehead glowing red. Mr. Sinister has taken control.

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