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Amanda Mueller kidnaps the Black King (Sebastian Shaw), Gambit (Remy LeBeau) and Mister Sinister (in Charles Xavier's body) in containment tubes that sink into the floor. When Gambit's and Shaw's tubes are down Sinister controls her mind and makes her release him just as he is about to take over her body. Professor Xavier brings him on to the astral plane and Sinister sends him into a psi-loop of all the times he died. Meanwhile on the non-astral plane Gambit and Shaw attempt to fight Sinister but are easily dispatched of. Professor X breaks free of the psi-loop and defeats Sinister and Gambit kinetically charges Shaw - Shaw destroys the Black Womb Project Facility. In the aftermath, Professor X says that he immediately needs to speak to Cyclops. Meanwhile Shaw is having dinner with a mysterious figure who is revealed to be a beautiful female incarnation of Sinister (presumed his conscience has traveled to that of Amanda Mueller, but it hasn't).

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