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Quote1.png Sinister. Magneto. Apocalypse. Idealists, every one. You can't buy yourself off this by saying you meant well. ... The core you built the rest of us around was a lie. You took us apart and reassembled us, the way a soldier does with a rifle, but at the end of the day, Professor -- a soldier goes into battle himself. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Walkthrough (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Walkthrough (Part 1)"

As Scott Summers surveys the interior construction of the Greymalkin Institute, the X-Men’s new Marin, California, base of operations, he’s joined by Emma Frost. Scott tells Emma he’s leaving soon to explore the terrain to the north of the base.

Across the world, Rogue walks through Maynards Plains, the X-Men’s former base in the Australian outback, reminiscing. She briefly speaks with Mystique’s consciousness - which she recently absorbed - telling her mother that she’s waited too long for someone else to help her control her powers; now it’s up to Rogue herself.

Meanwhile, tensions are high at the Hellfire Club. Roberto Da Costa has vacated his leadership position, leaving Sebastian Shaw in charge. Shaw is happy to promote a bit of infighting as long as it prepares them for the larger battles ahead.

Scott begins to explore the woods outside the compound. Much to his surprise, Charles Xavier, alive and well, is there waiting for him. After visiting the remains of the mansion in Westchester, Charles had planted an idea in Scott’s head that he needed to get a better lay of the land outside the new base. Furious that he’d been manipulated by Xavier yet again, Scott tries to leave; however, Charles psychically prevents Scott from moving. Xavier tells Scott when he recently shared minds with Mr. Sinister, he learned that Sinister had been tracking the Summers and Grey families for generations. He then asks to scan Scott’s mind, a request which Scott vehemently denies, suggesting Xavier and Sinister aren’t so different after all.

Xavier is convinced his original dream for mutantkind makes him different, but Scott is having none of it. Sinister, Magneto, and Apocalypse were all idealists too. Xavier says that the fact Scott is still alive justifies everything he has done. He turns to leave, but the world around them both begins to distort. Scott says Xavier can’t leave after what he’s just told him, and reveals he didn’t come alone - Emma Frost is going to poke around in Xavier’s mind for any Sinister thoughts that don’t belong.

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