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Quote1.png Jean told me once -- that death and birth can sometimes be the same thing. That when your life stops, new possibilities open up. ... I'm glad I got to see you again, Scott -- and that I leave the X-Men in such good hands. Goodbye. Quote2.png
Charles Xavier

Appearing in "Walkthrough (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Walkthrough (Part 2)"

Emma Frost begins to assert herself within Charles Xavier’s mind. She’s there to walk through Xavier’s memories and see how he reacts as they unfold, to determine whether any hints of Mr. Sinister’s consciousness remain within him.

Emma’s focus is on some of Xavier’s most ethically controversial actions: erasing the memory of Hank McCoy from everyone who knew him in his previous life; dangling the prospect of helping a distraught Rogue control her powers as motivation for her to prove herself to him; erasing the memory of Cyclops’ brother Gabriel from his mind after their failed rescue mission to Krakoa; killing his sister, Cassandra Nova, in the womb; wiping Magneto’s consciousness and inadvertently creating Onslaught.

At each stop along memory lane, Emma interrogates Xavier about his motives. She accuses him of playing God at every opportunity, without stopping to consider that the scope of his powers meant he should practice more restraint, not less. The weight of all of these memories - some returning to him for the first time since Exodus brought him back to life - proves to be too much for Charles, and he collapses in distress. Emma says he doesn’t get to just start fresh; he has to live with the consequences of the choices he’s made.

Satisfied there is no trace of Mr. Sinister in Charles’ mind, Emma shows him one last memory - the final words Moira MacTaggert said to him before she died: “Listen well to those who love you.” Xavier, saddened by all he has re-learned, tells Scott the X-Men are in good hands and says goodbye. Scott and Charles shake hands.

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