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Quote1.png Keep him happy? He's an amnesiac psychopath with hair-trigger killing instincts. Quote2.png
Miss Sinister

Appearing in "Original Sin: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Original Sin: Part Two"

On the Blackbird, Wolverine forces Charles Xavier to read his mind and re-learn the truth about their first meeting. Xavier does, and sees himself and Moira MacTaggert discussing what to do with a captive, feral Wolverine after his failed assassination attempt. Xavier probes Wolverine’s mind and determines it’s been broken down and rebuilt so many times already, it won’t be very difficult to do so again. An exhausted Xavier completes his discovery just as they arrive in New York City. Wolverine says if he has to, he’ll tear down the entire Hellfire Club to get Daken back.

But Daken is not in New York. He has willingly joined Sebastian Shaw and Miss Sinister at a lavish manor in Panama. Shaw says he’s going to give Daken his stolen memories back, and in return, Daken can do him a “violent favor”. Miss Sinister sits with Daken and attempts to enter his mind, but she runs into what she describes to Shaw as a psychic trap. Claudine and Daken then share a kiss. Sometime later, she and Shaw determine they need a stronger telepath - Charles Xavier - to set off the mental trap first, leaving Daken’s mind wide open for Claudine to access.

Wolverine and Xavier scope out the Hellfire Club and find no activity other than trucks being unloaded. Wolverine sneaks into the facility on the underside of one of the trucks, then ambushes a Hellfire guard for his uniform so he can move around more freely. He overhears the Inner Circle - Castlemere, Peter Scholl, and Sandra Morgan - plotting against Sebastian Shaw; however, he’s distracted by a Hellfire guard and by the time he turns back to the Inner Circle, they are ready to set upon him with the full strength of their powers.

Solicit Synopsis

Professor X is forced to revisit the biggest challenge and the biggest failure of his career: Logan.

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