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Quote1.png Relax, Rogue. This isn't a coup d'etat. But desperate situations require desperate remedies. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Salvage, Part 3"

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  • Danger (Main story and flashback)

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Synopsis for "Salvage, Part 3"

Years ago, Beast explains to Rogue that if she makes prolonged contact with someone with a strong enough personality, she may find that that consciousness will be able to take control of her body, much like Carol Danvers was able to.

In the present, this proves true. As the Scalphunter Danger Room construct is about to kill Rogue, Mystique’s consciousness takes control to save Rogue, effortlessly taking out the Marauder constructs. She then gives control back to Rogue.

Elsewhere, Charles Xavier, Gambit, and the crew members of the Shi’ar salvage vessel are dealing with a Sentinel simulation. After destroying the robot constructs, Gambit demands the Shi’ar captain, Sovel Redhand, explain how he and his crew caused Danger to go haywire. Redhand says they came looking for Shi’ar tech and engaged Danger with flow inhibitors to shut down her A.I. This caused her to revert to her “core programming” - creating Danger Room scenarios - which she based on the words Rogue last spoke to her: “All I wanted was to get my power under some kind of control.” The Shi’ar say they can track Danger and take Xavier to her; he promises to end things the way he “should have ended it years ago.”

Rogue has made it to the top of Tokyo Tower, the highest point in the Danger Room landscape. From here, she determines that the environment changes every ten minutes; everything except for the Xavier Academy building, which cycles through two states - whole and in ruins - at a different speed. This is where Rogue believes she’ll be able to stop Danger.

Gambit’s group comes across a construct of Rogue as a young girl, who goes to meet Cody Robbins, the boy she put into a coma when her powers first activated. Xavier and Remy realize they have seen this “Cody” construct die in multiple scenario; Xavier posits Danger is using Cody as a metaphor for something in order to force Rogue into some sort of realization.

On her way to the Xavier Academy, Rogue finds herself in a snowstorm. She witnesses herself leaving Gambit stranded in Antarctica years ago after finding out he had been working for Mr. Sinister. She then sees Cody, who tells her he’s glad she came.

The Shi’ar have tracked Danger’s signature to the Xavier Academy construct. Charles enters the building and into its Danger Room. There he finds Danger herself, grown in size but huddled, afraid, in the corner of the room. He realizes she has come here to die.


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