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Appearing in "Earth Give Up Your Dead: Part 3 of 3"

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Synopsis for "Earth Give Up Your Dead: Part 3 of 3"

Magneto has dislodged a piece of Muir Island and launched it into the atmosphere, along with himself and Blindfold, who has been possessed by Proteus. Far below, Rogue has used Psylocke’s powers to free Trance from Proteus’ influence. She then turns the psychic knife on Psylocke, Destiny, and Nightcrawler until Proteus only remains within Husk. He sheds Paige’s skin to reveal a magma form and expels a blast of fire that knocks Rogue off her feet. Another layer sloughs off and with Husk’s steel fists, Proteus pummels Rogue again and again. As Proteus tries to possess Rogue, however, Psylocke plunges her own psychic knife into Husk’s skull, releasing Paige from his control.

As they hurtle into space, Proteus attempts to possess Magneto, but Erik is able to shield himself from Proteus’ energy as it is similar to electromagnetism. Angered by this, Proteus alters the reality around them to send their rock plummeting back towards Earth.

The rock explodes just above the now-free X-Men. Blindfold, Proteus’ only remaining active host, stands over Magneto. Proteus tries again to possess him, but finds that he is unable. Blindfold begins to sweat and Proteus realizes Magneto has done something to him. Erik tells Proteus he’s taken advantage of their proximity to gain an understanding of Proteus’ energy. With a gesture, Magneto forcibly extracts Proteus from Blindfold’s body. Pure energy now, Proteus screams as Magneto dissipates him in an explosion of power.

Later, Rogue approaches her former foster-mother, Destiny. Destiny has foreseen that her resurrection is temporary and is coming to an end soon. She tells Rogue that Anna shares a bond with the mutant child, Hope, then the two say good-bye. Destiny then shares a moment with Blindfold, telling Ruth that she is her great-grandmother.

Nightcrawler and Colossus repair the Blackbird and the team takes off for Utopia.

Solicit Synopsis

"Necrosha" Tie-In The most powerful villain the X-Men has ever faced is back. PROTEUS has returned and he is more powerful than ever! Now the X-Men must stop him where he died: Muir Island. Failure is not an option as this madman makes his move to block the X-Men from stopping Selene and her plans in Necrosha.


  • The cover art of the Deadpool Variant is an homage to the cover of Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975).
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