Quote1 Rachel, and the others. Ah know where they are. And ah can take us there. Quote2
-- Rogue (Anna Marie)

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“LOST LEGIONS” Conclusion! Not only have the X-Men escaped the AGE OF X, but so have some of the most dangerous monsters lurking in Legion’s psyche! And one of them in particular is determined to retain his freedom. His power? Sucking the life out of his victims. The X-Men have never before encountered a foe like this…and at this issue’s close, Rogue will find her team a member or two short…

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Grrr. This was the third week in a row my comic shop didn't have an issue saved for me, even though I signed up for it. Which was little shocking. I mean, it's just X-Men: Legacy. I saw plenty of issues of Fear Itself, but none of this? This time I convinced them to let me take someone else's copy instead. So this time it worked out for me. ;)

X-Men Legacy Vol 1 253

So yeah, pretty good issue here too. There were just some things I wasn't too happy about. Styx was awesome, but I wish he wasn't a part of Legion, so we could see more of him. Same goes with a lot of Legion's personalities. Is it really that big of a deal if they are on their own? Some weren't even bad, but Legion still "had" to get them back? That didn't make too much sense for me.

Nice to see Rogue isn't too messed up like she seemed last issue. Legion was never my favorite, so I was secretly a little happy at how he ended up at the end of this issue. And Professor X was a tad annoying too, so I didn't mind that he won't be following around this team of X-Men either in the future. Also nice to see Gambit with his rifle again, but why did he not use it..?

Good ending to see that Rogue and the rest of the team will be saving Rachel Grey and the others. A little confusing to see that Sovel Redhand got a hand of them... That doesn't make a ton of sense to me. I mean, the X-Men can't get to them, but these guys could? They were both on Earth together at one point, yet Sovel and his gang were smarter..?

Still. Mike Carey has always been great writing this series. Of course Khoi Pham is good with art, and Palmer too. With all that said, I'd give this issue a 4 out of 5. The storyline was great, I just felt like it was stretched out a bit too much. And that's talking for the past few issues too. However, I really can't wait for the next storyline!

Johnnybravo44 (talk) 02:01, August 12, 2011 (UTC)
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