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Quote1.png It's an amazing thing about these Da'atha class stations. The entire gravity array can be floated free in an emergency. And it's worth about seven hundred million credits. That's amazing, too. It's just like my sainted mother always used to say... If at first you don't succeed...change the rules. Quote2.png
Sovel Redhand

Appearing in "Five Miles South of the Universe: Part Four"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Gul Damar Stationagers
    • Anathema Vault
    • Dockyard
    • K'ythri's Highway
    • Gravity array



Synopsis for "Five Miles South of the Universe: Part Four"

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Solicit Synopsis

Surrounded by an alien army who would see him dead, and trapped on a space station that's falling into a collapsing star, Havok's reunion with his fellow X-Men may be a short-lived one. With time running out, what sacrifice will one X-Man make to save the lives of their teammates?

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