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Quote1.png Look at me. Please. How many doubts you used to have. About leading us. About your own strengths, and your own instincts. And Ah know why you put those doubts away from you, Scott. Couldn't ask us to trust you if you didn't trust yourself. We needed you to be that strong. But somewhere along the way, "Ah can't afford to make a mistake" became "Nothing Ah do could ever be wrong". You hid doubts so deep, you maybe couldn't find them again now if you wanted to. But you got to try. Because Ah think they're what's gonna save you. Thanks for eveything, Scott. Tell Emma goodbye. Quote2.png

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Veteran X-scribe Mike Carey wraps up his five-year run on X-MEN: LEGACY with a story that marks the end of an era! In the aftermath of SCHISM, the X-Men are divided. Magneto has chosen to stay with Cyclops on Utopia. Gambit has chosen to follow Wolverine to Westchester. And now Rogue must decide who she is going to follow…

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