Quote1 It's more'n okay for you to stay, Cal. Ah know ah been talkin' a lot about standin' on your own. And that's good. We all gotta do that. But today ah remember there's a reason we all came together. 'Cause it's a lot easier to stand alone when you got friends to help you do it. Quote2
-- Rogue

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• Time Is Running Out For Weapon Omega, The Mutant Time Bomb. How Will The X-Men Disarm Him Before He Implodes And Takes The School With Him? • A Recently-Returned Mutant Becomes A Full-Fledged Member Of Wolverine’s X-Men.

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Hi, Johnnybravo here again this time with a double dose of X-Men: Legacy comic book reviews. Since you've already read my last one, you can read this one now. Hope you like it.

X-Men Legacy Vol 1 265

When we left off with the last issue, we had three Omega bombs on the hands of the remaining X-Men. Yet..they don't really fight them the entire book. Bit upsetting on that part, but no big deal I suppose.

There's too much talk this issue, but some of it is necessary. Mimic's flashbacks are interesting enough though. It was nice to see Chamber and Husk have their powers mimiced/absorbed by Mimic and Rogue, respectively. Don't really care for the entire Husk'spowersarecrazy thing, wish they could just forget about that. Toad's talk with Rogue clears up a bit of why he ever stayed with Magneto back in the day; while I'm sure other books have before, I can't really recall it. I always figured he was just too scared to leave, turns out he felt safe by Magneto's side. Huh.

Long story short, Rogue and Mimic channel all their energy back into Omega and he goes into a coma sort of. And then Mimic joins the X-Men. :D Overall, I'd give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, but, again, I'm partially biased as I love these characters, even Mimic and Omega. Nice to see Mimic basicalyl join the team. Too bad Frenzy was barely in this issue. Since this issue and the last are only $2.99, I didn't feel bad at all getting them both. And you shouldn't either.

I'll be skipping out on the next few issues, as I hardly care about any Avengers vs. X-Men books. Sad to see my favorite book (Legacy) be poisoned with this event lol. I should be back after those few issues though, so don't worry. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for my review of other books (Read the PS while you're at it, haha.)

--Johnnybravo44 17:56, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

PS - I'll be here today or tomorrow again (or maybe the next day) for a double dose of Astonishing X-Men with issues #48 and #49. So check those out too. :)
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