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Quote1.png Guess that's the difference between us and the Avengers. The world already looked pretty good to them. They fought to keep it as it was. We fought to make it better. Quote2.png

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After Rogue helps citizens in New Orleans, she is alerted to a helicopter in need of her assistance. When she arrives, she discoverers that the story was a ploy created by Ms. Marvel. Marvel claims that she only wants to talk, but when Rogue takes the offensive, Ms. Marvel quickly loses her temper and fights back. As they battle, their ideological views come to light and they find that they are fundamentally at odds over their feelings about the Phoenix Five. Rogue eventually immobilizes Ms. Marvel and notifies Magik that she has a prisoner. However, Rogue is mortified when Magik imprisons Ms. Marvel in a slice of Limbo that she has brought to Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

• Rogue is looking over the good she and Iceman are doing to the land when Magik appears. Magik states they are doing a great job and lets them continue. Rogue takes some of Iceman's power and slides away. She meets some friendly construction workers and they reiterate what a great job they are doing. Later, one of the workers asks Rogue to help a downed helicopter. Rogue looks but cant find it when Ms Marvel shows up and says there is no helicopter. Rogue instantly attacks Ms Marvel and the two have a fight. As Ms Marvel tries to calm Rogue down, Rogue touches Ms Marvel to take her powers. This throws Ms Marvel into a fury as she brings up their past. They fight some more until Rouge completely freezes Ms Marvel. Rogue calls in Magik who takes Ms Marvel to a volcano and throws her into it as the issue concludes


  • The cover to this comic breaks the 4th wall by having Ms Marvel appear to rip the cover, showing the next page

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